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Feb 22, 2008
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Sup guys.. been lurking on here for months but never posted anything. Me and a buddy are trying to get in shape and whatnot for the summer... add some muscle, look a little better blah blah

We've been following this plan for week one and two, but my partner doesn't like that its poorly rated on the site... It's definitely been working cause I've been sore as shit, and we both like how its laid out back/bis, chest/tris etc. We've also been doing cardio and abs a couple days a week and rockclimbing mon/wed.

Any suggestions or other plans would be great.. thanks.
read the faq's for better programs.

if you want to "look" better, check the diet and conditioning forums
yup... that routine sucks. read the stickies. this thread will be closed until further notice. You can shoot me a PM if you feel the urge to discuss the matter further.
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