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New Cagesidemma stuff


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Jan 21, 2007
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Cageside will be coming out with 2 new shorts colors blue/white and Black/white and if you have checked theyre website they plain cagesidemma shirt has come out


Also there will be coming out a rock and roll!!! awsome t-shirt from them in the next couple of weeks :)

Cageside is going to be big!
who's cageside?

i wonder how many users have cageside in their signature..i've seen quite a few now.
hell i have a cageside sticker on my truck. Boom is way to good to me, and he has been a friend to me. i will continue to put
his name out there and got there first for my gear.

thanks for getting me those shorts
I can't wait for the blue/white shorts to come out, I am going to jump on them.
The blue shorts look sweet. The new shirt sounds interesting, can't wait to see it. Count me in on the Boomer fan club. Boomer rocks, and Cageside MMA is my first choice for any gear and equipment.
Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Been sick as heck the past 20 hours. Finally getting up the strength to get on the computer.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have to be pretty darn sick to stay off the computer for more than 2 hours.

Anyway, feeling better and Cageside will be ready to roll in the morning.

I hope to have the blue shorts in 3-4 weeks, maybe sooner.

One of the new shirts we'll have soon:


Something a little different
I picked up a recent copy of Fightsport and was happy to see your logo on the clinch gear ad.

Movin' on up, buddy!
Hey all, I just ordered the Fairtex super bag gloves and cagside wraps from them, waiting for them to arrive. Total came out to be cheaper with the April coupon code then if I bought only the gloves from any other online store. I will post a review of the service and products when they arrive.
I don't think I'm alone when I say I don't care for mock ads. I'd rather wear something original.
I like the Jack shirt, I'd prefer Boomers MMA though.
they remind me of the shirts i had back in high school. like my reefer king one but i like them, for not having skulls everywhere
I like the Jack shirt, I'd prefer Boomers MMA though.

Ha! I like Boomers too, but Cageside is a better name for the long run. Boomer is just a red neck from North Carolina - Cageside sounds like a real company.

Thanks Evil Glove. Just trying to come out with some different MMA shirts - I know they are not really new, but compared to everyone else with the skulls and such - it is a bit different.
they are a nice change, and there is nothing with being a bit of a redneck
Wow, nice looking shorts!

I like the T-shirts ideas too.

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