Need some help on workout program


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Oct 27, 2005
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I have read alot of threads from both this forum and other websites. I have questions on what type of sets and reps, works the best for build of muscle strength and muscle mass. For instance I do:

*Note that all these workout routines are done by machines, not dead weight.*

arm workout: i do two types of arm workout for each biceps, and triceps 3 sets of 15

Chest: bench press *sitting* i do about 4 sets of 8-10

Back: lat pull downs 4 sets of 10, Seated Pulley Rows 4 sets of 10

Shoulder: Upright rows 4 sets of 10

legs: Leg extension and leg curls, except instead of laying on my belly for leg curls i sit and curl downwards with the machine. Each i do 4 sets of 10 as they get really sore. I also do leg press, 4 sets of 10.

50 pushups a day and a few ab workouts.

Could someone please assist me into improving my routine. If anyone has some better advice please do assist me. I'm currently a 9th grade. I'm trying to gain some weight for football next year. i weigh about 157 pounds and i'm 5"11. So far in the past i just started working out for about 2-3 weeks and i gained about only 5 pounds...I do not know if that is good so far.
not to mention 3x a week:
Mon. rest
Tue. Work
Wed. rest
Thur. work
Friday. rest
Sat. Work
Sunday rest
why aren't you using freeweights? My first piece of advice: ditch the machines. My second: read the stickies.
Yeah i know free weights are better, but machines are the only resource i can reach. Reading stickies btw. =)
btw could you give me specific steps as to where this noob workout routine is, having touble finding it. Thanks urban
That freaking crap routine will do more harm than good, my advice would be to ditch the machines and learn to master your own body weight instead. It will lay a good foundation for when you finaly get access to a "real" gym, or get the money to buy a bar and some plates.

And eat more and you will gain weight..
And in your case laying a foundation with bodyweight stuff: Start with some muscle endurance and condtioning, master to do chins, work up to around 100 strict pushups and 200-300 fast hindusquats, with some core work (v-ups, russian twists, superman, planks, ab-wheel), and 1 medium distance running day a week (around 2-6km) and a sprinting or interval day. Put down a few months of that kind of work and then start doing some more chalenging -strength- work as one armed pushups, handstand pushups (against a wall), dips, pistols, chins variations, natural glute-ham raise, and so on. Or get them weights. But you are young and dont seem to know to much about training. Laying a foundation like this I think would be good for you. Lets see what the other posters here think...

In the meantime your spending a few months geting the first step down you read the stickies here over and over until you get them, then you surf the archives of and and also visit (and preferably ask for his underground guide and infinite intensity for cristmas present!).