Nagging Muscle Strain?? *PLEASE HELP*


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Sep 25, 2004
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Ok I strained my groin about 4 months ago. I ended up taking some time off of training for an unrelated injury and now I am getting back into the gym and my groin is still giving me problems!?!?!?

The pain runs down my inner left thigh, and gives me problems when kicking high or doing deep squats or leg press.

Please any help is appreciated, even with unrelated muscle pulls that have lasted you any significant period of time. I have had strains before but nothing lasting this long
My best advice is to see a doctor ...

I tweaked my neck doing shrugs, the first time I did it I couldn't move it for two days and it was sore for a week. I took 3 or 4 weeks off from doing neck exercises and it came back. Not as bad, only for one day, but then I took another three weeks off, tried it again and it came back for a day ... if I had medical insurance I would be at the doctor's office getting it checked out ...
bruising? swelling ? really painful or just nagging?

assuming its only when ur knees r already deeply bent on the leg press and squat , it sounds like an adductor strain . gay as it is , do side leg lift things and lower ur leg slowly, yknow what chiks always do in aerobics videos? try aim for high reps (20+) and not strength.
if u have a yes/no machine at ur gym (the one where u spread ur legs from a sitting position) , do that instead.

if that doesnt help , go see a sports injury specialist.
go see a doctor. you might have tore something and in that case you shouldnt be doing much just resting or else you'll make it worse