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Oct 17, 2005
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I know next to nothing about setting up an effective workout. I got lost in the labyrinth of stickies. It's not as easy as everyone thinks to find all the info you need.

3x6 Clean & Press
3x10 Bent Over Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise
3x10 Front Dumbbell Raise
3x6 Barbell Curl
3x10 Bench Dips
3x10 Seated Bent-Over One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension
3x10 Barbell Shrugs

3x8 Bench Press
3x6 Bent Press
3x12 Sit-ups /w Weight
3x14 Saxon Side Bends (7 per side)
3x8 Bent Over Barbell Row
3x10 Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift

3x10 Standing Leg Curl
3x6 Barbell Deadlift
3x8 Leg Extensions
3x10 Rocking Standing Calf Raise

Probably going to be incorporating a chin-up bar into my arsenal within a week. Considering putting in a neck exercise day between the main workouts and sometimes I do forearms separately while at the end of some workouts I do a few forearms exercises. I try to do everything for 6-10, but I'm limited by weight. I just use plates for everything I don't use the barbell for (tricep extensions, etc.).

I'm trying to train just to be fitter, stronger and bigger, just for myself. Right now I was lifting heavy in order to get bigger. More importantly, I'm learning kickboxing and would like my workout to orbit that ideal. I want my workout to help a kickboxer. Getting a heavy bag and all too, but this is about the workout.

NOW, what can I improve upon?
You've got three basic lifting days in your routine. You'll want to re-organize your lifts to get something out of this rather than be so all over the map with your routine. Some initial thoughts:

1) On any given day, try to at least start with your most complex, biggest mass building exercises.
2) You're a kickboxer! Focus more on your legs.
3) I'm not opposed to some of the 'finishing' types of movements per se. But I wouldn't do them at the expense of heavier, more compound movements.

Try revamping things a bit:

Bench (I've been doing a lot more incline lately but most will advise flat bench here)
Clean and Press (fine to use but keep it on a pressing, chest, or shoulder day)
If you want to do some smaller exercises here to finish things off put a couple at the end (shrugs, chest or shoulder flies, raises, triceps extension etc.)

Get rid of the bench dips if you can do real dips. Lose the rear delt work too. This day is all over the place the way you have it listed. This will make Sunday your 'push day' (also known as chest/shoulders/tris or 'bench' day if you are following a 'big three' program).

You've got bent rows here as well as SLD. Just make this your 'pull' or 'back' day. Re-organize your exercises for that effect.

Bent Rows (your rear delts will get plenty from these)
Finish with a couple of assistance exercises. This is where you'd work your barbell curls. This looks like a good day for your ab work too.


This is 'Leg Day' or 'Squat Day'. You NEED a good leg day. Even more so if you're a kicker. Lately on leg day I've been doing the routine below.

Squats or front squats
Leg Press
Hack squats
Leg extension (mainly to burn out whatever I have left in my quads. In all honesty you could probably skip them entirely given your goals though. You'll get more from a lunge or anything more complex).
Hampstring curls (either standing or prone)
Calfs (I normally pick any two movements and do them at the end up my workout)

Most important thing on this day is to Squat. Use heavy weight (note: heavy is a relative term) and focus on compound lifts more than leg extensions and curls.
1. Less arm work
2. More leg work
3. too much isolation

as a martial artist, your goal is to develop maximum strength/power per pound of muscle
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try implementing them immediately!

Would any "sledgehammer" exercises be good? I've seen them on the forum and they seem like they'd be good and would use a lot of the body.
Really if you're getting to the kickboxing gym enough I wouldn't worry about using them for conditioning right now. However, levering certainly couldn't hurt your striking power.
FCFighter316 said:

This is actually my favorite non-funny quote of FC's that I ever read. This would be excellent for your needs.