My unfortunate story about getting owned.


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Jun 9, 2004
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Ok, here's a story from this very morning that i've decided to share with you all. This isn't really a question because I think i'm figuring out what I did wrong, but if anybody wants to give me advice then feel free to. If anybody ever gets kicked in the face or feels bad for getting schooled in general, come back to this thread so you don't feel so bad about it.

So this morning was my first day defending high Thai kicks. I've defended low Thai kicks before (though somewhat poorly) but this is something else entirely. Now in MT the line of thinking (or at least how it has been explained to me) is generally that the best thing to do when somebody tries to kick you it to get out of the way. But that isn't always possible and my coach likes for us to learn all the different ways we can defend against it. For the low Thai kicks, he's had me "shin checking" it - when somebody throws the kick at your leg, lift your leg up so their shin meets yours first instead of connecting with your quad or hamstring. Those of you who have seen the video of the white dude whose shin snaps in half when the black dude shin checks him know what i'm talking about.

Anyway, i'm doing high kicks this morning. The first way he's having me do is by catching - basically, when the kick comes up too high for me to shin check it, pull my arms in and turn my hips so the kick goes up into my gloves instead of my body. I know, I don't quite get it either but it's my first day doing it. I should probably mention that I was already tired as hell from throwing with my partner that morning, Larry. I jacked my wrist up while throwing a straight right and stung my ankles a bit from him shin checking my sloppy low kicks.

So the first one comes in aimed at my midsection and I take it on my elbows. It stings. I was actually under the impression at first that we're supposed to take the kick on the elbows, and not I have a blood blister in my forearm to remind me not to do that. I've seen other guys take the kicks on the elbows but I guess they're conditioned to it. So I keep taking these kicks on the elbows and coach tells me that i'm not supposed to do that, try to curve my hands like hooks and "catch" the kick. It isn't working, so coach tells him to kick a little higher.

My whole frame was bad for this. I sort of went onto my toes, leaned over for no real reason, threw my hands up in front of my face and just took the kick flush on the jaw. Now, Larry wasn't trying to hurt me; he was actually babying me, as i've seen him on the heavy bag and with the more advanced guys. But it still hurt like a motherfucker; my jaw wasn't dislocated, but it's still sore and I had to eat peanut butter sandwhiches for lunch.

I stumble back, a bit shocked because I have never been hit in the face or hit that hard before (I sort of realized how easy Larry was going on me before, considering he was only hitting with 10% or 15% of his power). I didn't fall but I think I was visibly bothered by it. What was even more embarassing was that Larry was a class act about it. For the first time in the time i've known him he drops his hands and stops moving during the round and goes" You okay man? Just breathe, walk it off." So now i'm pacing around the ring with Larry and feeling like a total punk. You ever get really red in the face and shaky? Not like you're actually going to cry, but just shaken? Like you were almost hit by a car? That's probably how I looked.

The purpose of this thread isn't to really make jokes about getting kicked in the face, but rather for people who get similarly pwned to look back on. If you ever just get rocked one day and feel like a total bitch, search the words 'story getting owned'. Then you can say, "Yeah, I got owned today, but at least Chthon has been owned beyond belief too. I don't feel as bad now". If anybody else has similar stories they would like to add, then please feel free to.

One last comment...I noticed that fighting is the only sport where someone can hit you in the face, and you're the one who gets yelled at. "Chthon! Don't let him kick you in the face!"

What a crappy morning.
Chthon said:
Those of you who have seen the video of the white dude whose shin snaps in half when the black dude shin checks him know what i'm talking about.

I almost threw up when I saw that video. And after it snaps, the guy goes to set back down and it crumbles underneath him. I can't even imagine the pain.
I've been through the same thing Chthon. I wouldn't really consider it getting owned since sparring is about learning and not competing. Learn from it. Work on your weaknesses. Mine is bodyshots. I put in extra time everyday to conditioning my mid-section. Listen to your trainer. BTW, Larry sounds like a cool guy. It's nice to have someone that helps you w/o feeling the need to kick your ass.
Getting owned in training is one of the best things that can happen to you. We all need it (in moderation, though!) Everyone who trains properly has been owned during training, comes with the job. Better to get owned 100 times in training than once for real.

I know you wanted to sulk, but you should honestly feel good about it. Next time you train, you'll have a fucking rocket up your ass and you'll be full of energy and focus. You'll see.
I remember the first time I caught a high kick to the grape, and you're right, it is a humbling experience. It happens to everybody so don't feel too bad about it. Just learn from it and try not to fuck up again.
Well I remember my first time I got hit with various of kicks to my head (helmet) in WTF TKD tournemants lol

First time I got hit I just went mad and angry kept kicking the shit out of my body and my opponent even when the ref broke up the fight ! I lost my fight but bc of my stupidity and not really knowing the TKD game.

Also when you got hit very hard on your nose is a fucked up feeling first time !

I also got KTFO one time when sparring my TKD buddy for fun (well it was very hard actually) and hit me with spinning back kick (bandae dollyo tchagi) frontal on my face. I only can say you don't feel shit and when you wake up you are like WTF did happen.

When I got hit by highkick on my face, I am totally out for revenge and would like to take revenge for what he did too me.
I don't know that's the right attitude instead of just getting over it and do your job but I am not a pro or wahtever so... My revenge is always over when I can hit him back :)

The only thing it's a little bit frustrating when you get hit by a highkick on your face by a friend or in competition, but you better get over it and stick on your game and try to sett things right away.
I had a time that I was fighting a guy in class. I left my elbows out and he acme in with a roundhouse to the ribs with the ball of his foot. I tried to roll with it and keep going, but the breath was completely pushed out of my lungs. It took me a little while to recover. I had been kicked and punched before, but never had it affected me like that. Great technique on his part, though. It's not that he was trying to kill me or anything, at least I don't think he was, but he caught me perfect.
This last thursday, I got totally pwned by a right hand counter. I was sparring with a guy around my size, both of us were slightly over the 205 mark, and he has been training longer, I think 2 years longer, anyway...I froget to jab, and come in with a cross. He bobs to his left and throws an overhand right with his head down and out of the way so i couldnt counter. He hits me a little below my left eye, and a little to my left, so it was the cheekish, bottom temple area. He caught me good. I remember seeing his punch, thinking "oh shit" and then the next thing I remember, i am turned around and looking at my feet, but i am not down. I know it made a huge noise, and i heard a cracking sound, even though it didnt break anything (thankfully!). Most of the people in the gym and wondering what happened, apparently it was a huge noise in the gym too. I was hit, and i turned around, and was looking at my feet, without even knowing i turned around. So my partner is up next to me saying "are you ok?" And the wierd thing was, it barely hurt, and after one second, i was back to normal, and I said, "yeah, I think im ok" and we continue. He went about 80% lighter, aand the round ended. Good memories, or lack there of. Luckily, getting owned changes your technique for the better.
Ok, I have a small update on my condition.

I went back to the gym tonight about my jaw. Coach said he was going to fix it before I left earlier today but I was still feeling embarassed so I left pretty quick. It was sore, and while the right side of my teeth could close completely, my left-side molars could not touch. So he has be lay down with my neck limp and he starts touching the side of my face in different places, asking my to open and close my mouth.

So he takes my limp head up, turns it to my right, and then twist it fast and there's a loud crack. He does the same with my left, and my jaw is back to normal without him actually moving it; he just popped my neck. It was weird and he told me not to mess with it for a while so it can "settle in".

He also gave me some linament from Thailand for the hematomia in my forearms. Apparently, this stuff has cocoa in it (not the chocolate kind) and he said to use it sparingly. I'm about to try it out.
Shit happens man.

Better in the gym than in the ring or on the street.

As long as you learned something from it, you're fine.
Man if I had a dime for all the times I've been kicked in the face or just beaten down, laying there, feeling like if the whole world just exploded that would be okay by me because nothing could.....wait....what were we talking about again?
Ive been punched in the jaw so hard my teeth wouldnt completely close for about a week. Right next to the ear where the jaw connects to the skull. It sucks.
I dont htink you can really condition the part of your jaw that connects to your skull cause its right next to your ear.
Man at least you got the balls to admit that. I get my ass beat in training all the time. We all do
the guy i used to train eskrima with was pretty insane with the muay tahi and after id been there a while he asked if id spar with thim after the general training session. So u know he was a cool guy always hung around talking after training so yea sure id do that for u buddy. First kick and i was KTFO, was it humbling?..indeed it was i never even saw it coming and i started boxing when i was six so u know ive never been afriad of being in a ring but damn that kick i'll never forget it. I trained there for 5 more years and he taught me alot, and he turned me on to ju jitsu and MMA lending me videos of vale tudo etc, but i'll never forget that kick as long as i live. He was the first person to choke me out to0, RNC great guy ;)
Usually what we do at my gym is not specifically a jaw conditioning exercise, but a neck one. It's called neck bridges. A strong neck can help absorb some of the impact, but still, if somebody kicks you in the face you're not going to come out of that feeling too good.
Aw come on man. Sparring isn't competition! You are there to practise, to learn.
Are you one of those guys that take every class like if it was life and death?
It's nothing wrong with being hit in the face and/or knocked out or whatevs.
It's certainly not "getting owned". Not to anyone but you. It's actually good for you to get hit once in a while. First of all, you'll start practicing not to get caught the same way again. Secondly, it works as a wakeup call. You'll react faster to his strikes (not neccessarily alot faster, but it'll keep you alert).

You did not get owned.
Thanks a lot for not letting me sulk, guys. Sheesh.
"I should probably mention that I was already tired as hell from throwing with my partner that morning, Larry"

Sounds sexual...tell him to take it easy...will ya.