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Nov 9, 2004
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Just got back from St. Kitts with my trainer. We had a great time and worked hard kind of did a different routine and it helped my stamina immensly.
We did the infamous Livingstone Bramble Jungle bunny run which is a 4 mile trail up and down his property. His house is located on a huge hill that is covered in vegetation, rocks ect. The trail winds down the back side of the hill to his white sand beach and his second house it was pretty grueling in the humidity and the heat but it was fun as hell to because we climbed over logs and scrambled up rock slides on the way down. On the way up we did the opposite side which winds up the hill throw a semi jungle tangle. Once we got down the hill we would do a short swim in the ocean then relax for awhile then back up the hill.
The other odd thing we did is climb trees not sure what kind of trees they were but they look like palm trees only are smoother. We used a loop hooked to our waists to climb up then we would slide down witht he loop kind of hard to explain but I would equate it to the peg board wrestlers used to use.
The last thing we did differently is deep water swimming we we would go under the water to where you stomach is almost touching the bottom and breast stroke. the whole point is to stay under as long as you can and swim as hard as you can to build lung cpacity. This was very hard.
We also did a lot of beach running and we (I carried water to the house while Bramble road a moped and yelled obscenities at me lol)carried water to his house everyday. 1 mile up the driveway 1 mile down carrying 8 gallon jugs one in each hand. We used the water for his plants lol so it was little bit of a pain in the ass.
For boxing we did
4 rounds of shadowboxing up to neck in water
4 rounds on the double end bag in sand
4 rounds on the heavybag in sand
4 rounds on the speed bag
200 situps
150 pushups
35 pullups
All this was outside on a semi hard packed sand floor which made it harder than normal

I sparred every friday for 8 rounds a session with a new guy every 2 rounds with a 30 second rest period. I sparred with guys that weighed 154 to a 300lbs. brawler who actually bit my shoulder in the clinch lol.
The island is beautifull and the weather is great for boxing although a little humid
Holy shit bro. I already envied your routine enough as it was. Now you had to go and do this. lol
The hardest part was carrying the water. Imagine carrying two 8 gallon jugs up a hill followed by a loud ass moped whose driver is screaming every obscenity in the book with a boom box playing Peter Tosh strapped to the handle bars.

The workout wasnt that bad though really because the Island is so peacefull you are able to truly focus on what you are doing. At night the island is very cool and comfortable so you get alot of good solid sleep. The ocean water was very nice and clean so you got pretty refreshed from it. Also the fruit on the island is unbelievable good the mangos, papayas and passion fruit are the best I have ever had. also I ate alot of the traditional Rastafarian diet so my body was very clean. Bramble would cook all the food in a open fire roaster so it was very good. The Sweat potatoes are very good they are yellowish green on the inside not like the yams here.
Also try this get two big pieces of ginger root and shred it with a cheese grader then let it soak in a kettle of water for 3 days in the refrigerator. then take the Ginger shreds and squeeze all the water out of them into a jug and funnel then add about a gallon of water some sugar and vanilla and you have Ginger beer it really helps with nasal congestion and blood flow. I lived on that stuff
Man I eat crystallized Ginger like there's no tomorrow. I used it for digestive purposes and now I'm just addicted to it, so I bet that Ginger beer is excellent.

That routine sounds like there was just as much fun as there was hard work. I can see now why you'd want to have land there and use it to train, sounds like an ideal place to get ready for any fight, no wonder Bramble was so tough in his day.

I laughed my ass off at the thought of him screaming shit at you. lol What kinds of things did he say? Did he ever say anything that made you almost stop or nearly drop the water?
I did drop 4 jugs in the first day because he blew past me on the moped then almost crashed the moped because the front tire came off. I was laughing so hard i almost shit my pants. The seconnd time he got pissed because his battereies ran out on the boom box so he started to sing a song about how he was the sexxiest man alive. He is a pretty funny little dude he wore speedos when we got the water to show off his body for the native girls which was funny as hell to see him riding a gresy piece of shit moped in speedos.
Damn dude, that looks incredibly fucking hard. Just reading that makes me feel like a piece of shit since I probably couldn't even do 1/4 of that shit right now.
Hey what do the Rasta's use to clean all the tar out of their lungs bro?
Not a joke I'm wondering if they have some sort of natural remedy that'd help a brother out.

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