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    In the OT until I get my orange belt and then I'll
    I am an aspiring martial artist and looking to increase my strength, power, anaerobic endurance and muscular endurance.

    I have made a tentative schedule for accomplishing my goals:

    Monday: ME Squat
    Back squat: work up to 1RM
    Farmer's walk: 2X for distance
    Hindu squats until tired
    Bent legged situps: 4X6

    Bicep curls:5X5
    Grip work: 2 exercises
    Neck work: Bridges and 4 way stretch

    Wednesday: ME Bench
    Floor press: work up to 1RM
    Push press:5X5
    Sandbag hold for time 2X
    Hindu pushups until tired
    Side bends: 4X6

    Barbell Complex:
    Deadlift X6
    Romanian DL X6
    Bent row X6
    Power clean X6
    Front squat X6
    Back squat X6
    Good morning X6

    All of the above reps in the barbell complex are to be done one exercise after the other without rest; 4 circuits, 90 seconds rest between circuits

    Rear delt flyes: 5X5
    Grip work: 2 exercises
    Neck work: Bridges and 4 way stretch
    Hanging leg raises: 4x6

    Saturday: DE Squat and Bench
    Box squat: 10X2
    Floor press: 9X3 (3 diff grips inside rings)
    Bent row or lat pulldown: 5X5
    JM presses: 5X5
    Barbell Complex:
    Snatch Grip Deadlift
    Snatch Pull
    Upright Row
    Power Snatch
    Reverse Lunge
    Push Jerk
    Jump Squat

    All the above complex exercises done in the same manner as Thursday. This program will be modified as needed for recovery, etc. Sparring will be done 2-3 evenings.

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