My new stack + wanting input


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May 15, 2008
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First off, I am new to the forums =)

Now, I am going to try a new stack and I'll list everything from weight, height, the stack, my diet etc. I have never been into supplements but at this point in my training I have some time to test supplements so I am going to. I will record and post about my results after I have gone through the stack and finished the cycles and talk about each product and how it did etc. But I would like some feedback from you guys, maybe things I should change or take out of my stack and replace it with ?

The stack:


Myoplex Lite - ( - EAS Myoplex Lite - A Powerful, Energizing, Protein Shake! On sale now!) - 1packet
Vitamin Pack ( - ISS Research Super Vitamin Pak - Everything From A To Zinc! On sale now!) - 1
Axis Labs BCAA Ethyl Ester ( - Axis Labs BCAA Ethyl Ester - Ester-Sorb Technology! On sale now!) - 2 caps
Black Dragon ( - 1 cap




Myoplex Lite - ( - EAS Myoplex Lite - A Powerful, Energizing, Protein Shake! On sale now!) - 1packet
NanoVapor - ( - MuscleTech NaNO Vapor - Pre-Workout Explosion! On sale now!) - 1scoop to start


BCAA Ethyl Ester -( - Axis Labs BCAA Ethyl Ester - Ester-Sorb Technology! On sale now!) - 2caps
Black Dragon ( - 2 caps

Before Bed:

SNAC ZMA NightCap - ( - SNAC ZMA Nightcap - Anabolic Mineral Support! On sale now!) - 3scoops

My diet:

Breakfast ( any of these 1, cereal, oatmeal, eggs)
Lunch (salad or tuna or small sandwich)
yogurt, fruit
Small snack before bed, varies.

-Nothing super crazy but its a solid diet, with the myoplex, tuna, and lean meats I will also eat i get enough protein etc.

My Specs:

age: 24
weight: Currently im around 165 (I drop to 155 for fights)
height: 5`8

I wake up around 6am and work till 4pm, I train 5pm-9 or 10pm...5 days a week. I lift weights 2-3 times a week ontop of the training and also swim 1-2 times a week outside of my fighting cardio.

I am still researching alittle the products i have chosen before I order them and start the cycle, if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free topost before I start it. Real fast when I say trianing it includes:

1. Fight cardio, bascially jack your heart rate to about 180 for 45-60min with lifting, running, sprawls, pushups, sparring etc

2. Standup Technique 40-60min

3. BJJ technique 1hour

4. Rolling 20-30minutes

5. MMA based training, cardio, live rounds, sparring, technique in a cage, training based on the sport of MMA as a whole. 1hour+

In a nutshell thats what I do 4-5times a week, we do so many things I cant list everything but thats a base of what it covers.

Let me know your thoughts on my products etc I am open to changes if they need to be made
Yeah man. You are barely eating anything. You barely have healthy fats...veggies. You should worry more about your diet than all the supps you are taking.
you must spend a lot of money on your "stack". and most of it is relatively worthless. read the FAQ, you have a lot to learn.

food > supplements
u hardly eat. ur diet is garbage. and u dont need all those supplements that's overkill. do some research.
Same as everyone else already said. Way to much money of supplements you're pissing and shitting out anyway. Get your diet right before adding anything else.
Yea, you seem to have more things than you need... I myself just use 2-3 different supps depending on which work out day it is. You wont find many people here who support supplements, but I do take them myself... And the theory in the supplement world is when youre taking a pre workout supp like your NaNo Vapor (which wouldnt be my choice anyways, overpriced) you shouldnt have a protein shake with it. That interferes with your bodies ability to absorb the creatine and arganine in the NaNo. What I ususally do is eat a solid meal (not a shake) around 2 hours before lifting. 30 min before lifting is when I take my superpump, so theres more chance of enough of it being absorbed. Around 30 min after my lift if when I go for the first protein shake, with another one 1-2 hours later as a second post workout meal. Then protein milk before bed. :) Either way, I think the biggest point is that you dont have to run it down to an exact science, unless youre a bigtime athlete. For me, I just eat decent meals every 2-3 hours, and have my few workout supps when indicated, and thats it. Just have fun with it, and work hard. Actually pushing yourself hard until it hurts and youre near your breaking point will be the largest factor in muscle growth.

Its funny, we are about the same weight right now, and the same age... But Im 4 inches taller than you. :p Adding muscle will definitely help you cut fat weight though, especially in the long run. Ive finally reached the point where Im happy with my muscle mass and strength, and I could still easily make 155 for a fight should I ever decided to get deeping into mma training. And Id look helluva lot better than other tall fighters like Nate Diaz, Cole Miller etc, those guys are twigs! :p