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Jun 16, 2006
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So I lurk here enough, and have just started lifting, so I figured I would start a training log.

Quick recap of my last three months....

In the middle of January I signed up fro a 10 week "bodyshaping" course. 6 days a week with Monday/Wednesday/Friday being cardio-kickboxing and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday being resistance training with bands. I figured it was expensive enough that it would motivate me to keep going and get me back in the routine of working out. Started out at 5'10" 242 and about 28% bf. At the end of the 10 weeks I was down to 224 and 24% bf. I wasn't happy with the resistance band training, so I didn't sign up for the maintenance program they offered and decided to find some place to lift weights. Got a membership to the local Y and have been doing Rippetoe's for 3 weeks now. I am now down to about 218 and

My main goal is to keep dropping bf and gain strength. I would prefer to lose some weight, and possible start doing some MMA if I can make it down a little ways.

I decided to start with pretty light weights, and try to increase with every workout.

Here is my workout for today

Squat - 195 3x5
Bench Press - 165 3x5
Deadlift - 215 1x5
BW Dips - 3x10

After I lift, I usually do about 10 minutes on the elliptical. Start out with 2 minutes, easy pace, go to 8 sets of 20s hard/10s easy, then 4 minutes to cool down after that.

Not sure if I will get much traffic to my log, but figured it will help to hold me accountable to stay with it.

Any feedback or questions are appreciated.
Deadlift -
Way to start a log. People are really helpful if you keep up with your log.

After I lift, I usually do about 10 minutes on the elliptical.

What do you do to warm up? If it's not that much you should do this before you lift in my opinion. It seems like a great way to warm up.
Normally a warm up is 6 minutes easy to moderate on an elliptical. Enough to break a sweat and feel a little loose. Then a little bit of stretching and some light sets before my squats.
You have made wise choices. Looks like your post workout elliptical is similar to HIIT. Also a good choice.

Good luck.
Saturday was pretty relaxed, didn't do a whole lot at all.
Sunday went out and walked with the family for a little bit. Probably got 2 miles in. I know walking isn't much, but figured it was better than sitting on my ass all day. Had some slow-pitch practice Sunday night where I took some swings, and shagged balls in the outfield. Again, not a whole lot, but better than nothing.

Monday Morning
Elliptical - 6 min to warm up
Squats - 200x3x5
OHP - 95x3x5
Bent Over Row - 105x3x5
Pull-ups - 3 1/2,4,3 1/2
Elliptical - 2 minutes moderate, 8 sets of 20 on, 10 off, 6 minutes easy to cool down

I am really wanting to get my pullup numbers up. Thought about doing lat pulldowns, but figured it was better for overall body to just do what I could for pullups,a dn realize that I am getting better...even though it's not as quickly as I would like.

This is my 4th week of using the Starting Strength program, so I think I am going to start adding some cardio in on Tuesday and Thursdays.

If the weather stays nice, I will probably get out and walk for an hour or so over my lunch every day too.

Like my post title says, I know I am pretty much a pussy right now, but reading the boards gives me motiviation to keep at it, and I know I can eventually get my fat ass back in shape, and start moving some more weight.

My longterm goals by the end of the year are 225 for bench, 315 for squat and 405 for deadlift. Figure I will keep them consistent with plates, and as I move another 45 on to the bar, it helps me realize I am always moving towards my goals.

For outside of the weight room goals, I am kicking around the idea of trying to get an amatuer fight in early next year. I started this year hoping that I could get one in, but figure I won't have enough mat time in after I get my weight down, so I am shooting for next spring or so.
Tuesday 4/22

Decided to get out of bed and do some cardio today.

12 minutes on the elliptical followed by 20 minutes on the rowing machine.

Will probably walk a couple of miles over lunch today.
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good luck
Another day of the starting strength routine.....'

Squat - 205x3x5
Bench - 170x3x5
Dead - 225x1x5
Dips - BWx3x10

I got to the gym late, so I didn't have time to do my cardio. I will probably get 4 miles of walking in throughout the day, which doesn't make up for the semi-HIIT that I missed out on, but will be better than nothing.
Yeah, I'm a pussy. Was wanting to get up and do cardio this morning, and I stayed in bed instead. Probably been getting towards the low end for sleep, so I figured an extra hour and a half in bed was a good thing.

I'll be up early to go lift tomorrow.
Even though power went out, I managed to wake up without my alarm this morning and make it to the gym.

Elliptical - 6 minutes to warm up
Squat - 210x3x5
OHP - 100x3x5
BOR - 120x3x5
Pull ups - 4,4,3 1x10(negatives)

I hit a little mini-goal for myself today. All 6 of my Starting Strength lifts are now at or above 100 lbs. I know, it's a pretty pussy accomplishment, but I wanted to start out slow so I didn't burn myself out early. Also, I'm not sure why I bumped my Row weight up as much as I did, but the 120 was pretty easy for me, so I'm not too worried about it.

Was pretty tired of not seeming to be progressing on pull ups as quickly as I would like, and I don't always feel like I did a lot of work after I get done with them, so I added a set of negatives after my normal three sets. Just put an aerobic step under the pull up bar, and it gave me enough of a lift that I could do a jump to get up to the bar, then lower myself slowly. Seemed to help, as I pretty much just dropped on my last two, so I felt like I was working something.
Not sure if I will get much traffic to my log, but figured it will help to hold me accountable to stay with it.


And I've included this in case you haven't read it.

Pull ups are a pain in the ass. I personally don't see the problem in using the weight assist machine if you need to. frequency and not going to failure are the keys here though.
Got to the gym a little alte today, so all I had time to do was get my warm up on the elliptical in, then do my lifting routine. No cardio at the end for me today.

Squat - 215x3x5
Bench - 175x3x5
Dead - 235x1x5
Dips - BWx3x10

Numbers are still going up and I haven't hit any failure on any sets yet. For having never really lifted before, I am happy with where I am right now, but still want to keep climbing.
Made it up for cardio today. Did the elliptical again since it's still a little too chilly to put in much time outside. I did the "fat burning" program which was 28 minutes of 4 minute intervals. Felt good and broke a decent sweat.