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Oct 9, 2005
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My Training Log-

I will start this training log on October 24, 2005, (Monday)

I will post my weight every Saturday, and post as much as I can about my training and diet everyday. I might be fighting in my first MMA Fight on November 5th, but nothing official yet, also hoping to compete in a few Bjj (No-GI) tournaments in the next couple of months. Besides from lifting weights, running, wind sprints. I can only train Bjj and Boxing when I can fit it in.

I go to the gym 5 days a week.

(I stop at a local park to do wind sprints on my way back from the gym)

Monday- Chest, Running, Windsprints

Tuesday- UpperBack, Biceps, Running, Windsprints

Wednesday- Quads, Calves

Thursday- Shoulders, Triceps

Friday- Lower Back, Hamstrings, Running, Wind Sprints
6:00am- Gym, Chest/Tricep- Bench Press 7x5, Incline Dumbell Press 4x5-8, Dips 3x15-12, Machine press 4x6-8, Rope Pulldowns 4x8-10, Single Arm Overhead Extensions 4x10-12, close grip bench press 4x8-10 and 2 Mile Run in 20 Minutes.

Diet- Calories 1,764

Thats about it for today, slow start didn't have much time for much else!
6:00am- Gym, Back/Bicep- Barbell Rows, behind Head cable pulldowns, pull-ups, T-Bar Rows, Hyperextensions and partial deadlifts, Seated dumbell curls, preacher curls and then hammer curls. 2 Mile run (18 Minutes)

2:00Pm- 3x20 Minute Rounds of No-Gi Bjj Randori, 3x10 Minute Rounds of MMA Sparring 16oz. Gloves
6:00Am- Gym, Shoulders- Dumbell Press 5x6-8, Iso BehindHead Machine Press 4x8, Lateral Raises 4x 10-12, Front Raises 4x15, Smith Machine Military Press 4x8-10, 2 Mile Run (20 Minutes)

1:00Pm- Bjj- Technique (Guard Passing, and Traingle chokes, arm-bars from guard) No-Gi Sparring 40 Minutes and then Sparring MMA with 16oz. Gloves 4x10 Minute Rounds. A Solid 2 Hours of training.
you might wnat to try sprinting 2 mabey 3 times a week instead of 4 and add some plyometrics just a thought
Didn't train at all today, On the road all day picking up nephew

12+ Hour drive!

I really need to stay on a diet this week. My weight today was 198, Would like to get down to 170 before 2006! And need to start training 3-4 hours a day, shouldn't be to hard after doing weights/running in the morning!

Promoter for November 5th called a few days ago, said she would arrange the card out and see if she can fit me on the card, most likely won't happen!
2 Hours of Bjj, Working off the guard, drilling then sparring!

Diet- 1,234 calories
6:00Am- Chest, Biceps- Bench Press 7x5, Incline Dumbell Press 4x6-8, Dips 4x10-12, Machine Press 4x8-3, Dumbell Curls 5x10-12, Dumbell Precher Curls 5x8, Hammer Curls 5x10-8, 1 Mile Run in 7 Minutes and 30 Seconds

Diet- 1,500
do you mind me asking what you weigh?teh lowest my clories get is 1494 thats when im cutting (from about 140 to 125) my diet is controled by billy rush 1500 is not alot for a small guy much less if you are bigger
Weight is 198(Height 6ft), Trying to get to 170-175, I know its not enough calories.

I usually won't go lower then 1,800!
Gym-Back- Barbell Rows 5x10, Behind Head cale Pulldowns 5x10-6, T-Bar Rows 4x8-10, Pulley Rows 4x8-10, Weighted Hyperextensions 4x25-30, Partial Deadlifts 4x 5-6, Running 2 Miles in 20 Minutes

Sparring- 10x5 Minute Roundes of MMA with 16oz. Gloves, Small Gloves 2x10 Minute Rounds
6:00 Am- Gym- Superset between quads and shoulders, for a total of 15 sets each bodypart. Lateral Raises/Squats, Dumbell Press/Leg Press, Machine Shoulder Press/SmithMachine Squats.

MMA- Thai Pad drills, sparring small gloves, and no gi grappling randori.

Training - 4Hours
Weighed in at 199 this morning

Another piss poor week of dieting!!!
2 Hours of No-Gi Bjj, Worked on defending guard passes with the whole knees/elbows technique, Worked on escape North/South also, then randori.
Gym- Chest, BenchPress 7x5,5,5,4,3,2,2, Machine Press 5x6-8, Pec/DeckFlyers 3x10
6am- Gym- Upper Back, Biceps- barbell rows, Behind cable pull-downs, T-Bar rows, Pulley rows, and 8 strait sets of dumbell curls

10am-MMA Small Gloves Randori 4x 10 Minute Rounds, and then Kicks on thai pads

2pm- 16. Oz Gloves Sparring MMA, 9x5 Minute Rounds!

3 hours today, Good training, 13 Days left until final week of fight!

Looks like I'll be fighting at (Edited last post) Was hoping to fight on IceMMA a Monte Cox event in Ohio, but doesn't look like thats going to happen.