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Oct 25, 2005
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Hey im 16, 5"11, 142lbs. Trying to bulk around 15lbs. This is not a perfected or anything diet, im just telling you what i am currently eating - and you guys have to help me out.

6:30 breakfast - whole grain cereal, milk. banana.
12:00 lunch - 2x whole wheat bread, 4x ham, 1x yellow cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
2:30 preworkout - powerbar protein bar.
3:30 postworkout - whey protein w/ milk.
6:00 dinner - (varies what my mom makes) but in general, rice, veggies or potatos and then w/ chicken, beef or pork.
8:00 snack - cereal or a snack bar w/ milk. sometimes an apple or orange.

Some cottage cheese before bed.

I lift on mon,wed,fri. Gonna start running tues/thurs. Also, is splitting your workout important? I just started lifting last week.. and i do general all body workouts every time.

ok ill also give you an idea of the excercises im doing, help me split it up. Also reccomend what other stuff i should do, though my choices are limited, i go to a small crowded gym (my school gym).

hammer strength 3 x 6 70lb
shoulder press 3 x 6 70lb
pulldown machine 3 x 6 110lb
curl bar 3 x 6 40lb
assisted dips 3 x 6
military bench w/handweights 3 x 6 50lb
leg press 3 x 9 160lb
(30) crunches every few sets.
Your diet dosent look that bad at all. Just the MAYO, uhhhh, try low fat organic mayo from traders joes, not sat. fat or cholosteral. Add more meat, like lean beef and chicken, ground turkey is good.

OK, Dont do full body workouts everytime you lift. Your not giving you body enough time to recover and your probably not spending enough time on each muscle group. This is what I do, not saying it is what you SHOULD do but this is what I have gotten the best results from. Below is typical week for me.

Monday: Chest/Triceps- 3 different excersise for each muscle group. 3-4 miles run, or swim
Tuesday: Legs/Calves- Same as above. Abs, stairclimber, or elyptical, or bike
Wednesday: Back/Biceps- Same as above. Usually take cardio off so legs can recover
Thursday: Shoulders- Same as above, abs, 3-4mile run, or swim
Saturday repeat cycle.
Sunday repeat cycle

I also mix in a lot of plyometrics like, push ups, dips, and box jumps and lots of streching/yoga, judo and muay thai in with that rotation. It all depends on how I feel.

I usually try to go three days on one day off, that way I do not burn myself out. But I like taking fridays off after work so it all depends on how the week goes.
You could add another high protein and complex carb meal in between lunch and breakfast, have another between your lunch and preworkout meal, have another as a post workout meal after your shake and drink more milk during the day.

Its ok to do 3 full body workouts/ week since your young and just starting out, but youll want to either drop one day or split your routine up in 3-6 months tho, remember to focus on the compound movements.
oh and don't start plyometrics yet, way too advanced for now
bump, added excercises. gonna be hard adding a meal between the first two, i have school. added time intervals too.

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