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My Dad (retired fire fighter) needs a workout


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Jul 20, 2002
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My dad is 54, 6'2" 220lbs. Average build about 20lbs of fat. He's a retired fire fighter and has a contracting business he still does. He has several injuries from being a fire fighter for 28yrs. Broke a vertebrae in his back, a hurt knee (fell of a latter during a fire.) A pinched nerve in his neck (from duty.) Okay he retired like 3 yrs ago and now does construction (really hard work) 5-6 days (leaves 7am-get homes 5pm) a wk and is just steadily getting more and more out of shape. He use to be in really good shape at about 195. (use to lift and run.) He can't really sleep that well at night and is constantly tired. I told him maybe he should get his tes levels checked. But he needs a good practical workout. Also do I need to repost this at the supplement and nutrition board to know of anything he could take to let him sleep better or anything for muscle recovery. Thank you
His doc says he can lift. He doesn't need physical therapy he had it like 5 yrs ago. I'm just saying he can't do every lift, he just has to be a little more careful than most.
He's 52, tell him to work less hours and take more time to take care of himself.

Working 5/6 days a week at a physical job would leave me feeling like shit for the gym.

Man I love being a desk jockey.