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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by TacWar, Apr 4, 2008.

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    So a couple weeks ago I posted my first time sparring, and I figured I might as well make a thread that I can keep coming back to for some new advice from the sherdog populous. After a couple more weeks of training and sparring I've come back to throw in an update.

    If anyone remembers my last thread they will remember how awkward I felt sparring for the first time, and that still hasn't gone away. However, instead of feeling like a third grade schoolgirls slapping at my training partners...I now feel more like a 4th grade school girl slapping at my partners. Any improvement is good improvement right?

    I am still awkward in my footwork, and can't really finish my combinations very well. However, now I ran into a new problem training with someone new last night. I am a southpaw and my training partner fights orthodox, and I tried to start by working my jab (see slapping like a schoolgirl above). I throw my jab and my partner steps outside my front foot and loops in a hook at my ear. It isn't anything that I think hurts me, but it completely throws any rhythm I have to throw a combination.

    This goes on through the first round and into the second. My partner starts getting more aggressive to which my response is to step away and catch him with some leg and body kicks as he closes the gap. (this is the only high point of the night for me). He stops his aggression and I start moving forward and I continue the only combo I seem to be able to land (front right leg kick, left straight, hook), but everytime I finish the combo i end up eating a 1-2 from him.

    Well he now starts getting in and out where my kicks aren't working as well and starts throwing a lead left hook, which throws me off so I just try and step away and his combination off this is to hit me with a right roundhouse to the body/head. I catch on to this pretty quickly, but really have no answer to it. Not to mention his straight right was finding my face most the night, but I think that is mainly me staying in the pocket and not parrying the punch because I'm still not comfortable yet.

    So here is my training question of the day... what do I do about this lead hook rear roundhouse/ counter hook to my jab? One thought I had last night was to cover up with my right and throw a rear roundhouse to the inside of his leg..but didn't know if it will work.

    To end the post on a good note... only my nose is sore this morning lol.
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    Hooks are slower than straight punches - this is just a fact of physics. If I throw a stiff jab there's no way the guy can come back with a hook unless he's just Roy Jones Jr. faster than me or something. If he is countering your jab there can only be a few reasons.
    1. You are not bringing the punching hand back fast enough to protect yourself. You GOTTA bring ALL PUNCHES back "faster than you threw it", as the old saying goes.
    2. You are doing some telegraphing that alerts him you're about to jab
    3. Based on your description of "4th grader slapping" I think this may be it He doesn't respect your jab. If you don't jab hard enough to do damage, your partner will say "well shoot even if I eat the jab it won't hurt me", so he'll just ignore the jab and throw over it. You GOTTA have power behind your jab. Same goes with double jabs - you GOTTA have power behind every punch or your partner will learn which punches are weak, and can just cock back and throw a haymaker not caring about getting hit.

    Also, if #2 is true next time you can fake by rolling your lead shoulder (to fake a jab) and see if he is throwing off your telegraph. He throws, you duck/check and BOOM right back :)

    And if you do decide to do that, remember all fakes must be performed with "killing intent" to be believable. Don't just roll your shoulder, roll it as if you were really going to throw. Practice in front of the mirror.

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