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Moving to San Diego...any gyms you can recommend?

Jeff Roy

Yellow Belt
Feb 13, 2007
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I am looking for a gym in San Diego, does anyone have any recommendations? Good standup is key, wrestling is secondary.
I train at alliance training center, down in chula vista and i'm happy there. good standup, if u go to the early to midday classes it's relatively small so the trainers can correct your technique. offers variety of classes. friendly staff.

depends on where you want to train though. if you're training in escondido maybe it'd be worth it to go to temecula to train at team quest. in the college area (around sdsu) sdundisputed is good. in the pb area there's throwdown elite training center. lots of places to go.

use to train at the boxing club, it was ok. lots of ppl in the classes so the trainer never really got to correct u since so many ppl were there. anyways... those are a few i'd recommend.
thanks man, san diego has a lot of choices eh? im excited!
np, try out a class from a few of the gyms and see which one u like best that's my best advice, but it all really depends on how willing you are to drive and where you live... many good choices i know i'm probably leaving out...

good luck!