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Oct 10, 2005
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Just curious as to which mouthguards everyone recomends or doesn't recomend.
unbreakable mouth piece motherfucker - Rampage
you get what yo pay for.

Pressure laminated are best....imo.
i wouldnt get the kind wand uses.... but it might be worth it for the recovery times :p
try Chucks......
i got the Brain Pad LoPro and it seems to work very well.
i trust Doctor Shock.

don't know many others by brand name.

you could always go with the boxing brands: everlast, etc.
get an opro...

This is probably the best money i have ever spent.
well since i got braces i used a Modifyed No Boil Mouth Piece and It works really well for BJJ,Kickboxing and MMA..
There are a couple of existing threads talking about the OPro and Bite Me mouthguards. Go take a look there.

I bought a $5 Shock Doctor mouthguard to hold me over until my Bite Me arrives and the Shock Doctor one tore the hell out of my gums. Not really sure how or why either.
edgerrin32 said:
unbreakable mouth piece motherfucker - Rampage

But how do you get ahold of them. I have been trying forever and cant find a site or anything.
Biteme for sure. Use the search function there are detailed discussions and the top two (by consensus) are Opro and Biteme. I own an opro but wish I had spent a little more ad gotten the Biteme.