Most Important in Grappling?

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Feb 7, 2005
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What do you think is more important:

Knowing Submissions
Knowing Escapes

You can pick only one, this is to give me a better understanding of what I need to work on.
Sorry to throw this in there but I would have to say takedowns first, and this is coming from a bjj guy, no wrestling background. Position is king, but without solid takedown skills you will be forced to work backwords...escape after being taken down, get a position, and then sub. After your takedown, you want to get position while knowing escaping in case your opponent catches you with something, then of course-submit.
Good point wildcard_seven.

I'll say position with the given list but otherwise, I follow wildcar_seven.
I say knowing escapes. Positioning is related to this, but I assumed by positioning you meant holding dominant positions.

Being able to escape from dominant positions is probably the most useful thing you can know in grappling. It makes you very difficult to submit and is very demoralizing to your opponent.

One of my training partners is really awesome at escaping and it frustrates wrestlers to no end. They can't pin him or hold him down without a serious fight. One of them told me once that he was the most slippery guy he ever wrestled.

If I had to choose one category, I'd definitely go with escapes. They are the first techniques I teach someone new. They are also the most important techniques, in my opinion.
I was reffering to Escaping submission attempts. Those usually come naturally, especially after a good understanding of the submission.

Escaping positions I included in positioning.

He didn't mention takedowns, so I didn't bother with it.
I'm a Judo man myself, and I'm all about takedown/sub combinations.

So the list should be:

Positioning (Getting, maintaining, and escaping)
Being a white belt, you should be mostly learning escapes and protection, followed by positioning. Then becoming a blue belt, you should be able to do all those things, but with a lot more ease.
First u'd want to learn to defend, so I'd say learning to escape out of bad positions because you will be put there. Then learning positions and controling those positions. Next submission defense and lastly submissions. Roy harris has an article on BJJ progression on i believe

The movement phase includes takedowns and scrambling for position.
I've got one word for you, and it's something Rickson repeats over and over:


That is the most important concept in BJJ or other grappling.
Position, if your in the wrong position there is no submission. Escapes well......again you need to be in a certian position too.......well you'll get it.
"position before submission" - its hard to NOT hear it in any bjj gym.