MMA & Sherdog ruined my life!

I am definitely going to have to ARCHIVE this thread!
hahaha Sabre....

Not so sure my gf / phiancee would like a thread like this. She looks like Claire Danes btw = )

Congrats are in order so CONGRATS and best to both of you =)!!!
You should give tap dat ass for all of us at sherdog ..2 times!
Originally posted by Rhapsodist
sherdog dating service! your fiance is pretty hot.. congrads

hot like a snowball in a vat of liquid nitrogen, maybe

i wouldn't wouldn't even screw that chick if she put a bag over her head
i didn't mean to be an asshole, what i meant to say is, if the earth suddenly flew out of orbit into deep space, freezing everyone but her and i, i still wouldn't even put my dick in her to keep it warm


O dear what goes in this bit?
Apr 3, 2002
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I wanna take you on a story of how sherdog ruined my life!
I joined Sherdog whilst at university and started a thread about Vitor Belfort any way started getting pms back from a female MMA fan arguing some points anyway. She asked started sending pictures of herself.

This is not meant to frighten or disturb just be careful who u speak to online it may just ruin your life.

Starts innocently enough.

Then the clothes Start getting less and less


U HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup just got engaged And babys due in April.
Can i take sherdog to court for damages?
jsut a question are you serious about the marrage and the baby thing .....because right now i do not know if you are jokg or not.
Oh my gosh, there are soooo many slams to be had in this thread. But, I'm gonna be the bigger man, and let them slide.
it's one thing to bag on some random chick, but this girl is carrying a dood's baby. lay off him. u might have different standards, but that's straight out of line. chill out bro.