Jul 24, 2005
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Anyone seen the new 10th anniversary kimmono from them.

Looks pretty cool and doesnt have that gay gold writing the L/A kimonos have.
This is actualy a kimono under the old school traditional name. Mkimonos

Im thinking about picking it up, but its 160$.

I posted the link to the site with some questions, and the mods deleted it.... I dont even know why.. Its so gay that we have to be so careful how we word things when wasking questions about products.

Has anyone tried this kimono out? i know it is brand new, and she only has 100 of them.
Its basically the new Lutador Americanos gi with MKimonos patches, thats it. You are paying extra for the patches and nothing more. I have a LA gi and it fits slim throughout the body. I prefer the older MKimonos fit myself. If you like the way Sirius or Gameness gi's fit, then you'd prolly like Lutador gi's.

I'd rather get a plain Koral gi and put those special MKimonos patches on them. :)
I just got it. Ordered it wednesday morning, got it today muahahha. Great fucking gi. The fit is perfect, the only issue is that the collar is thin as hell. No where close to a Gameness but the feeling of this gi is AMAZING. They are expensive cause they are only selling 100 of these bad boys. And I couldn't order the LA white ones because they dont have the same old MKimono fit.
I dunno.. The first batch of L/A came out with a snugger fitting pants. Then because of so many returns Lu changed the pant design to match the old school Mkimonos. So the LA's should have a very similar feel from what i understand.

Im thinking i might give away my atama gold and go ahead and buy this new Mkimonos. Seriously their hybrid weave makes the best kimono IMOP. Compared to all the others i own, its weave is the best.

Im so glad they avoided the gold gayness on the tail with these.

I talked to Lu today and she informed me the LA will be the kimonos for all the new ideas and thoughts. They wil be comming out in black, red, black/red, camo, blue, white. Different patch designs and the gold on the tail

The Mkimonos brand name will be left as the TRADITIONAL style more. Only coming in blue or white, and no gay gold on the tail:)

Sounds like a good idea, so she can keep as many customers as possible. But honestly i want to know who, if any who actualy like the gold writing? are there any here?

oh yeah, pics!
$160 for a gi is pushing it for me and I own 2 Korals. I'd order the special edition, but I don't like the idea that it will fit like my Lutador. If the special edition fits like the old MKimonos, then I'd definitely do it. My V&M Mkimonos gi is my oldest gi and is still rockin and they fit was PERFECT! I'd be upset if I spent $160 on a gi and it didn't fit me well. So can someone confirm if this special edition gi is the Lutador fit or old MKimonos fit?
The first batch of LA white came in larger sizes. The A1 looked like a dress on me. On the blue batch they fixed it. I still think the crotch part is annoying. When you tie it up, the front bunches up rather then the back because of the difference in designs. The weaves in the LA and Mkimono are the same. The only thing is that the LA white came in a larger size plus they had that gay ass writing on the back.

LOL @ gsoares. Yeah I sold my A3 gi top and my HCK because I thought I would've needed the cash. I just ended up wasting it on the gi.
Thats ironic, I had an A1 from the first LA batch and thought it was too small! I exchanged it for a shortened A2. But yea, the way it ties is a lil whack: too much material when you tie it. I got my custom A2 out of the second batch of white LA gi's that came after Xmas. Honestly, I thought the custom A2 was a lil too big, so I'm wondering if the new batch of whites are ok.

Soid: Do you have any of her old style MKimonos? If you wear an A1, then we are prolly the same size as well. Have you ever worn a Koral gi? If so, how does the fit compare to the Special Edition MKimonos?
I love the pants, but what you guys are saying is true.. It does bunch up more in the front.. Weird...
Im a big guy and i wear an a2 top and a3 pants from L/A/ 6'2 210
Fits good.
Just rolled in the gi. Holy crap these pants are teh ghey. Jesus christ it took me like 10 minutes just to figure how to make it as comfortable as I could make it. The only flaws to this gi is the ultra thin lapel and the super gay way I have to tie my pants. I think I'm just gonna take the rope out myself this weekend and make it the traditional way. It feels like I'm wearing the pants backward.

The weave is excellent. Great and feels durable. The fit is also great. Good job to mkimonos for making a great gi top. As I said the only flaw is the thin collar.

If I do end up buying a gi, it might be the gracie barra keiko or the koral.
I have a feeling you'll love the Koral. I own two of them myself. I recently ordered a Vulkan gi which is supposed to be similar to the Koral but cheaper. Someone Pm'd that Vulkan and Krugans are the super popular cheap brands in Brazil with Koral being the popular high end brand. Sorry the pants aint work out. I just used my old Mkimonos pants with my Lutador gi.
Yo GSoares, the A2 gi will definently not fit you if you plan on drying it ever. I put it in the drier and it is snug as hell and I'm 5'8 - 170 lbs with the body of a 150 lb dude. This thing feels great and will be the gi I use for tournies. Wow I love this gi.

Too bad the gi pants are gay as hell.
UltimaMMA said:
So was it worth the price for you guys?
For me it was definently worth the two gi's I sold. My favorite gi right now. The gameness is also my favorite but I might use the mkimono for competition more. So far no one has taken advantage of the thin lapels. Like I said I might just stick with mikimonos from now on as they fit me perfectly after use in the dryer.
Soid said:
For me it was definently worth the two gi's I sold. My favorite gi right now. The gameness is also my favorite but I might use the mkimono for competition more. So far no one has taken advantage of the thin lapels. Like I said I might just stick with mikimonos from now on as they fit me perfectly after use in the dryer.
you did look handsome in it
That's too bad, Mkimonos have always had a great cut but the newer brands and HCK (from day one) have gotten the collar down to almost a cheating advantage. I love the thick collars. The gi looks great though, I guess it will force you to protect your neck.
You know I never thought HCK's had thick collars. Maybe it's cause I had the single weave? The gameness has the thickest collars. Gameness without patches = excellent gi for competition.
yeah the gameness is nice.. The collar is whats gold on that gi.

However i simply cant get over the weave on the LA and Mkimonos.. To bad we cant take the best from all.

Mizuno pants, Gameness collar, Mkimonos Weave..
Yo GSoares, did you order the gi? It looks like Lu is gonna focus on the LA kimonos before Mkimonos.