Misadventures of the Magnanimous Man named Mickey's


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Jan 15, 2007
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I am Mickey's, eater of food and player of Hockey.

complexion: whitest guy ever

315 squat by the end of summer
210 bench by end of summer
become faster, stronger and an overall better hockey player

This is my log.

Squat 135X5X2, 185X5, 225X2, 245X3
Shrugs 135X20, 185X20, 205X17
Calf raises 225X25, 275X16
Machine hack squat 135X10, 185X10
4 way Neck machine 35X12, 70X12

BOR 95X6, 130X5X5
Bench 130X5X5
pushdowns 55X8X2
upright rows 75X8X3
Ab situps 15, 15@10lbsX2
leg raises 20X2
curls 45X12, 70X12
Stick handling: 30 minutes

Front squat: 135X5, 155X5, 185X1,1, 195X1,1, 205X1 (PR)
Squat: 205X5, 215X3
Shrugs: 135X20, 185X20, 225X15, 275X8X2
45 degree hypers: BWX20, 45X15, 65X12X2
Calf extension: 2 platesX20, 3 platesX20, 4platesX20X2

2/3 classes canceled today, ate tons of grilled cheese sandwiches and double cheeseburgers. Great day.

will probably stick handle for a while tonight.
Hockey game


Was extremely tired and felt really out of it. Finally found a comfortable squatting position which allows me to get deep.

Bench: 115X5X2, 135X5X5
Squat: BWX10X2, barX10, 135X5, 185X5, 205X1, 225X1, 255X1 PR but wanted 3 reps
Calves: 225X15, 275X15
BOR: 95X5, 135X5X5

I am weak, but it will come eventually.

Front Squat: 135X5X2, 155X5, 185X3 PR, 195X1.....(dissapointed in the numbers)
Shrugs: 135X15, 185X15, 225X15, 275X12X2 (Straps), 295X8, 305X5, 315X3 (just to say I hit 3 plates.)
45 degree hyper set low for glutes and hamstrings: BWX15, 45X12, 70X12X2

I had an absolute blast on the last 2 exercises. The hypers really were working my hamstrings and glutes. Good times.

Bench Press: 95X5, 115X5, 140X5X5
BOR: 95X5, 115X5, 140X5X5
Situps: BWX12, BW+10X12X2
L raises: 12X2

Short and sweet. Had to get in and out.

Been working out but have been slowing it down as hockey tournaments have been occurring. Now I can start lifting heavy again, except for the fucking sciatic nerve thing which makes nearly everything uncomfortable. Oh well. Wanted to keep squatting.

Last monday
Squats 175X5X5

squats 180X5X5
wrist roller 50X1, 60X1 (20 lb pr)

Time to start looking like popeye,
backf rom camping and other major shit happening in my life. This is what I have done for the past 2 weeks.

Me Upper 6-14-08
Push press with push outs 115X8, 135X5, 135X1 with 8 push outs X2
Rack lockouts 135X5, 165X3, 195X2, 215X1,1,1 with 3 pushouts, 235X0
Shrugs 165X20, 215X20, 20
Kroc rows 75X25
Wrist roller 60 up and down

Lower 6-15-08
Deadlift 115X5, 165X5, 215X5, 265X2, 305X2, 1,
Front squat 115X5, 165X3 easy

Upper 6-18-08
Close grip Bench 115X5, 145X5, 155X3, 165X1
Chins 3 (palms out), 2 (palms out), 2 (palms in)
Skullcrushers 60X12, 80X12
Curls 60X8, 80X8
Rear delts 15X12, 20X15
Shoulder rehab 15X12, 20X15

Lower 6-19-08 left hammy sore
Squats 115X5, 135X5, 165X6, 195X1, 215X1, 245X1, 265X0

Lower 6-23-08 sore hammy
Squats 115X5, 145X5, 165X5, 195X5, 215X5X2 (short rest periods, sweating heavy)
Lunges 115X 5 each X2
Hammy curls 50X15 each, 16 each
Upper 6-25-08
Pullups 3, 2, 3 (palms in)
Close grip bench press 115X5, 145X3, 165X2 PR, 115X8, 135X8
Shrugs (no straps) 165X20, 215X20, 265X15
Kroc rows 85X 15 L, 16R

Lower 6-26-08
Deadlift 115X8, 165X5, 215X5, 265X5, 315X4 +2 PR
V-ups 30, 24

Good couple of days.