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Feb 7, 2008
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For those of you in the armed forces, I'm interested in the details surrounding your physical training regimen. Please provide details! Also, please state which branch you're in. Thanks in advance :D
Usually when you make such a post, you would at the very least state your own experiences and what you have done or are doing currently.

I do no have military background but I know we have some guys who have served or are currently serving our country. From the stories I have heard I believe marines/army have the toughest standards.
Its been a few years, but Basic training in the Navy was about as physically demanding as Junior High P.E Class, I did go through some diver/rescue swimming training later that was quite a bit tougher--maybe on par with a tough h.s wrestling workout.
For a 17-21 year old to pass the Army PT test you need to do 42 pushups, 54 situps, and a 2 mile run in under 15:54.
Search topics: Military, boot camp, army, Marines, Marine Corps, SEALS, special forces, etc . This topic has been discussed many times, even as recently as a few days ago.