Mike Mahler Interview

A lot of people that want to get bigger would do very well on a powerlifting style of training. Try keeping your size down and getting your bench press up to 350, deadlift up to 500 and squat up to 450. Even if you're not trying to put on size, you will. Sure, we've all seen people who aren't too big that can bench press 350, but these people usually can't squat 225 to save their lives.

Idk about that part
Idk about that part

Might not be completely true, but it's a hell of a better plan to get bigger than some voodoo arm routine that most gym rats come up with on their own. Training for performance + food and sleep is a good way to get bigger IMO. Atleast if you find yourself lacking in size you have the strength to fall back on...which could be useful to have in a hypertrophy-specific program.
I have always liked Mike. Vegan athlete with a great approach to that sort of diet etc.