Michael Bisping Named International Fighter of the Year Over Alexander Gustafsson

Just you wait... Nate Diaz will win fighter of the year.
Good for Michael Bisping, congrats brother! Another one to hang on the wall.
All 3 of Alex's wins were more impressive and against better fighters than Bisping's wins IMO.
Who voted? Bisping's entire family and extended family?

It ended up coming down to 3 votes, and those just happened to be cast by the judges from Bisping vs. Hammill.
What is the requirement for being considered an "international fighter".
Fight of the Year: Joe Lauzon vs. Jamie Varner.

C'mon. I love J-Lau but on a list with Hendo/Shogun, Chandler/Alvarez, and Jung/Porier this just makes no sense.
Well that's fucking stupid. Bisping gets outstruck loses a round to Mayhem, then still fails to knock him out, essentially TKOing him due to exhaustion, then loses to Chael in a competitive, but not terribly interesting fight. Bisping then finishes out the year with a lukewarm decision win over Brian Stann, in which he almost got Hendo'd again, and had to wrestle his way to a decision win.
Gustafsson, meanwhile knocks out Vladdy with a jab, dominates Thiago Silva in front of a home crowd in Sweden, then gets the biggest win of his career in a barn burner against Shogun Rua...I don't understand.