Mental anger training help!


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Oct 18, 2005
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When I was younger ( 10- 20) before i started Chi kung (breathing exercises) I use to be such a bad ass, that I would fight without hesitating, whether it be in a competion or brawl. Now at 23 I can't seem to find that anger to motivate my intentions ( wheather it be pain or yelling back) on someone that has wronged or insulted me.
I mean, without intent, I just let people walk all over me, and if I think about standing up to that person, i start getting cold feet. (even my sparring partners complain i'm too soft on them, when I'm capable of doing more damage) I blame my Chi kung for making me too calm and deattached, but also I own alot of my gains in health and strength to Chi kung, so I have no desire to stop.

So I was wondering if maybe any one out there can advise me in getting that anger back. What sort of mental training (or physical) is out there? Do you think I may be doing soo much training that i'm depletting my anger store (If there is such a thing)? I never feel that tired after my workouts, and my muscles and immune system always recover quickly.

My own typical training routine is like this.

Monday, Wensday, Friday - weigths, cardio and chi kung

Tuesday, thursday, Saturday - Weights and martial arts training (either boxing, kickboxing or MMA)

Sunday - rest

I Need To Find or Train My Fury!
Any input is welcomed. Plus it's my first time posting, so I hope i'm in the right forum. thanx
heres my two cents:
Sometimes being cool or calm during a fight is good, it allows you to be sharp and calm so you'll be smarter so you'll do more intelligent techniques rather than rushing in arms striking continually, if you do that then as soon as someone comes in with the skills to block that momentum and use the force your gonna get massacred. although i agree that having aggressive energy for working out and sparring and matches is an excellent idea. try watching some of the highlights such as bob sapps, they tend to get me pumped up pretty fast. listen to heavy metal. mentally try to piss yourself off and throw yourself into a frenzy (when trying for that effect, ie. when trying insanely high intensity on the bag).
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Any other takers out there? I got no problem getting hyped up and going all out in trainning. I just can't seemed to find that anger, when dealing with others, and when the mood does set in, it's usually too late. See I don't like to act on impulse, and just smash someone. I have to think it through. And usually once I have though it through and have come to the conculsion that I wanna cave the wankers head in, it's either to late (I reached that conculsion the next day) or someone stops me (mate talks it through with me) Also I'm not the type to stike first, and when I spar (train or compete in fight nites) I never flurry and mostly just wait and counter. (which loseses it for me on the score cards) i notice most fighters when they train or throw their stikes. They Ki up (hiss) alot. would this maybe help, if I shouted alot more when I strike. I see alot of musclehead morons at the gym shout on lifts, and what I learnt from self experience is that shouting wastes energy and gets you nowhere when breathing correctly does. So does shouting ki (hiss) help? Would this apply to sparring and street brawls? personally I would feel stupid shouting.
your going to undo all that hard work of Chi Gung?

I think that is regress not progress keep up the Chi Gung,
the next step is to develop fa jing, explosive energy.

if you know how to calm yourself, next step is to get into a fighting mode
with control.

remeber kung fu means skill, before you just got angry at the drop of a pin,
you want to skillfully control that, for many reasons.
keep going, your still on chapter 1 of Chi Gung my friend.
Hey man you dont have to be a madman to fight. Being calm is also good in fight (look at sakuraba) just as being intense is good ( i.e. SIlva)...they both have their Pro's and Con's.

Though there is a difference of being scared. Whether its you being scared to hurt your opponent, or scared to be hurt by your opponent. You have to solve it one way or another and I dont think anyone on here can help.

But if you just want to fight intense and thats not how you fight..then thats not how you fight. Fight the way you naturally feel and if its being controlled and relaxed and a counter fighter...then thats how you fight.

And if your talking bout on the outside of the ring, your letting ppl walk all over you and you should feel that you should bash their head in..well...hell that just means your a nice guy, and should be happy to know that yuo could easily kick the guys ass who just cut in front of you...but instead you'll be the nice guy and let it slide lol.
Oh ya and when you hear boxers hiss when they throw punches...its so they keep breathing and don't gas out. If you breath have to breath in. That kinda concept.
my two cents (jesus christ, i've been on the judoinfo forums too much, i'm talking like them now)
yeah, the kiai's useful. for a number of reasons, for example, if your yelling as your throwing the punch and the other guys not expecting it, your gonna shock the shit out of him, especially if you have a really good bloodcurdling kiai. I use it all the time for when i'm throwing a power strike to distract and off guard the opponent. Also look at all the top fighters, chuck liddell, Randy cotour, Vitor belfort, Sakuraba, Royce gracie, Frank shamrock. none of the really good fighers and going beserk in there. (feel free to counter that statement, i'm expecting it and am not looking for a fight so go ahead and prove me wrong so i can watch some good fights with examples of ticked fighters going beserker style) they go in and the calmer they stay the less gassed they get so they'll be able to fight for longer more effectively.
It's not a bad thing to not be angry during a fight. At least this way, if you get rocked, you won't drop your hands and try to lay them out in'll use more technique. I think it's good you don't get pissed.
"Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering."
Honestly, it sounds like you're growing up and maturing:)
Age will mellow you out.
Your a bit older AND smarter.
Yip, I've gotta agree with that. I'm definitely more chilled now than I've ever been. Grow with it and evolve the way you think. Could be you just can't be arsed with MA anymore? motivation, other interests etc?
I have always had great controll over my emotions and anger, but if you want to see me like a wild beast, just train me till i feel like puking. then all of a sudden i snap and go nuts. I get sever adrenalin bursts when i'm very fatiuged.