Medicine Ball Circuits


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Jun 28, 2007
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Does anybody on here use medicine ball circuits for there conditioning workouts?

I am trying to come up with some circuits to do for my conditioning days. Could anyone please give me some ideas for some ciruits and what exercises to use?

I just got moved to a new military post here in South Korea and the gym here has a ton of medicine balls at various weights, the heaviest being 15 lbs.

There's a vid here of a med ball medley that involves throwing it at a wall. In addition to that I like to do med ball slams on pavement. I've also done timed intervals with throwing the ball, sprinting to it, throwing it back, and repeat. I usually underhand throw it between the legs one way and chest pass it back the other... it's quite exhausting if you put 100% intensity in it.
I do, this is the core killer. I do it 3 x a week and do 3-5 runs of 10-20 reps each.

1. Med Ball Twist
2. Vertical Wood Chopper
3. Diagonal Wood Chopper
4. Figure 8 (trace an eight in front of you with the med. ball)
5. Big Circle (start with the ball overhead and rotate it in front of you in a big circle, then repeat in the opposite direction)

start off with 3 runs of 10 reps each with 90s rest and work up to 5 runs at 20 reps each with 30sec rest.

It's great for the core and also helps with shoulder endurance and grip endurance.
Med ball cleans
Waiters walk
med ball pushups (one hand on the med ball)
Wall ball (start in squat come out of the hole and hit a target 10 feet above you catch on rebound repeat)
Or just use it as a guide to see if you are breaking parallel on squats