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Me vs my health


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Jul 2, 2007
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At the start of 2008 I decided i would start training much more frequently in mixed martial arts and try to follow a steady strength program. The first 6 weeks went well and i was training hard and getting results i was rather pleased with, unfortunately i fell ill with Glandular fever, stopped training have only recently fully recovered from it. I'm going to follow what was working for me quite well before i got sick which was the basic routine from the FAQ of doing bench deadlift and squats with a few assistance exercises.
Measurements are in both Kilos and Pounds

Age: 19
Height 6'0
Weight: 75/165

My PR's before i got sick
Bench: 210
Deadlift: 290
Squat: 240 (I basically did not start doing squats when i weight lifted until i stumbled into the S&P at the start of the year, as my lazy self i thought doing bodyweight squats at mma training was good enough...)

Goals for the remainder of the year(to be revised following a week of lifting)
Weight 78/171.5
Bench 220
Deadlift 330
Squat 300
11 am

Bench Press 5x5x65/143
Incline DB Press 3x5x20x44
Dips 3x8xBW

I decided not to push myself this first week back and work up from weights i felt comfortable with
Welcome, and good luck with your goals.
19/6 11 am
Didn't go very heavy on the squats because i got a corked thigh the night before.

Squats 132/60x5x5
Front squats 40/88x5x4
21/6 1 pm
Deadlift 95/209x5x5
SOHP 40/88x5x4
Pullups 3x8xbw
23/6 11 am
Bench Press 65/143x5x5
DB Press 20/44x5x3
Dips 3x10/BW