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Me shadowboxing.


Kia kaha e hine!
Nov 30, 2002
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I'm pretty bored. Having a menisc tear and cannot train (TKD). So I decided to film my self shadowboxing and post it here and hear your input. I dedicated my self to TKD and do boxing just for fun once every 5-6 weeks and this only if I have no competitions to prepare for, so boxing is obviously not the thing I am trying to improve, but if you have something usefull to say don't keep it for yourself.

DivX 31mb

If you find the music annoying just mute the video and play something you like :wink: It was the first tarck I found on the HD that was appr. 5 mins long.

PS: I know that I have a hole in my pants, so screw you.
You're pretty good man, nice and slick and you seem to have quick hands. Plus guys who are naturally wiry-built like you hit hard as Hell usually. I only noticed a couple of things, which is saying a lot, these are very minor bad habits.

1) You lean forward just a bit too much. Meaning your jaw is further out than the rest of your body. Because you're quick-handed opponents would have to counter you with one or two power-shots amid your combinations. You're WIDE open for an upper-cut. Always keep in-mind uppercuts make great counters, so when you throw punches, sometimes it's not best to imaging all of them landing, imagine being blocked and countered and move accordingly. You keep your chin-tucked pretty good, but when you're throwing that jaw is out there and un-protected from underneath. Ironically the only time you're not open for uppercuts is when you begin your combinations WITH the uppercut. The same body-positioning you have when you throw lead-uppercuts, emulate that when throwing all of your other punches, standing at an angle, chin-tucked, lead-shoulder out before the head, non-punching hand tight to the chin.

2) When you're throwing sometimes I noticed your arms are generally very high. You're sligthly open to bodywork. This happens a lot with guys who don't train Boxing consistently enough to have been in with a guy who ahs exceptional body-punching. But if I were a trainer and training a fighter to fight you after having seen you move, I would have him lead combinations with the jab, then throw two or three body-punches, get close to you (because of your openness to body-shots my guess would be you'd respond to them by tightening up your arms and going completely defensive) and then ending with two power-shots to the head. You can keep people from doing this to you by keeping your elbows a little tighter to your body when in resting position and learning how to throw combinations from a tight, virtually impenetrable stance.
Very nice; you are way more skilled than I am; so I am not going to critique it :) Would love to see more of your training methods...heavy bag routines etc. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
For some reason I can't see anything with my stupid media player, so I downloaded Divx and I see the video now. Interesting . I wonder if he went to boxing classes or if he learned this on hiw own.
Thanks for the advices KK.

I boxed as a kid in Ukraine along with combat sambo, but it was 11-12 years ago. Since then I don't realy have any real boxing training. I go to a University class when I have time, maybe once every one or two months. But you can't consider it real training, there's just an old dude who shows basic techniques and does kind of cardio boxing workout, afterwards you have free time where you can spar or do bagwork. I dont do much on the bag and there is noone who you could work on the target mitts with. I usualy just pick someone and spar. Most of the guys are pretty bad so it's not realy chalenging.
That was a good video, thanks. You have skills but the only thing I would critique is that you sometimes throw punches too wild and too far forward, and sometimes you just fling your jab out there without putting much body weight behind it.
Ahhh wtf, I only hear it. Maybe I need to download the codec?
ahh fuck it, burn it and play it on my comp downstairs (no internet) brb.
Nice man, you look good. Your punches are nice and fast. Jw, do you personally sub maximal weight train? I think KK gave you more advice that I could of. Hope the leg heals.
Brand Nizzle said:
Jw, do you personally sub maximal weight train?
Yes I do it once or twice a week usualy, but most of the time for the legs, it helps a lot. I didn't do any kind of training for over 6 weeks now though, just sitting on my ass learning for exams a bit and posting on sherdog too much. This is why my postcound went from 2600 to 3250 within 6 weeks :redface:
this sounds like what i do, i keep my boxing sharp by doing a fitness type boxing class (which there is mitt work and sparring and stufff) like once a week or so. It helps alot of my movement and coordination for taekwondo and is a pretty good workout as well.
Corey123 said:
That was a good video, thanks. You have skills but the only thing I would critique is that you sometimes throw punches too wild and too far forward, and sometimes you just fling your jab out there without putting much body weight behind it.

Tha jab shouldn't have body weight behind it.
no, it depends on what your aim is. Some people throw stiff jabs with weight behind them to cause damage
Your standup is very good I'm impressed with it. Starting to train at a young age helps people out a lot from what I've experience and seen.
How young are you talking about Metafour? Like 6 or like 15 or what?