Me shadowboxing.

Cheers for rehosting mate and i'm impressed! Nice work

I'm no expert or anything, only thing i noticed and i could be wrong is you could do with a tad more pivot with your left hook to give it more power.
Pretty good

All I could pick up on was the right hand dropping to rib height quite often on the return, whether this was because of fatique I don't know. Good head movement. You might like to try incorporating lateral slips along with foot work, but those are only small things..

btw-you have a hole in your trousers :p
when you throw a right, only once or twice i saw your left come back to guard.

but you're throwing quick, snappy combos so i guess it's not a big deal. im just thinking someone is going to wait for your right and sink a shot on your jaw.
Beautiful, Beautiful. Good to see a TKD guy having a good hand skills.

Your cross punches are great, it's hard to judge people just by seeing him doing shadow boxing,
but you are certainly on a level that can't be judged only by viewing a shadow boxing clip.
I wouldn't criticize you on crosses.... but my favorite punch, hooks, I think you should work
more on that.

I noticed that when you hook, you use snap of arm... which is good, but it's better if you
make it follow up with your shoulder and stick in the shoulder first. Ahh... hard to describe,
cause there isn't much difference when you see those two, but you know, make your arm
horizontal w/ you shoulder and make it actually look like a hook w/ your shoulder.

BTW, why do you kick like that? It looked more like a MT kick than TKD kick... were
you practicing MT or is that how you kick in TKD competitioN?
Try to twist you body more when you throw the left uppercut, use more legs when you throw it and push upwards. The uppercut looks like its just and arm punch.