Mayberry turned into OT

They did.
They removed the O.T and this is what you have. LOL...
i think it would be safer for you to keep your posts limited to the board & site suggestions forum.
Holy shit. Good to see you around, man.
Don't worry, nothing can save Mayberry from itself. It won't turn into something as fine as the OT.
It sucks. Now, there's no OT and Mayberry is just a shitload of "where is the OT" threads.
mayberry has always been a watered down version of OT, just with more whiners
This whole "removing the OT" thing was just to get all the ot knockoff sites talking about sherdog. Now all the vets (pre 2007) are coming back to check things out.

It's a great strategy on Jeff's part - I know it got me back on the board.
Are you surprised? Anyone with half a brain knew that was going to happen.
OT noobs have the Wasteland, OT rebels have their own forums, OT vets have their own forum.
I posted a few times in Mayberry yesterday, and when I checked today the threads were in the Wasteland. Not sure if it's because of idiots posting crap in them or because the threads themselves were dumb, but clearly the Wasteland has become 'OT-Lite'. Trolls still have a place to post, but they don't get to raise their postcount anymore, lol.
they need to create a subforum in the wasteland, and either designate it as the place for ot'ers to post, or use it as the dump for shitty HW posts. We shouldn't have to put up with this crap.