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May 28, 2008
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I recently wanted to do BJJ in a garage or on a hard surface during off time. Wrestling Mats seem kind of expensive. Does anyone know of some good places either to get mats or some good alternitives to mats that work just as well for cheaper. Thanks
If you have some patience you can definitely find a good deal on a mat. Scope out your local schools, Ymca and karate dojos and find one that is upgrading their mats and they will likely sell you their old ones cheap. I got a 20' X 20' for $600 this way and the mat was still in good shape. Also, keep an eye on ebay and look for someone who is close to you who is selling their old mat because they quit training. With a little paitence you can save a lot of money on a good mat.
thanks for the advice.What is the ideal thickness I should look for in a mat? What would be the lowest thickness I could get for BJJ in terms of inches? Im currently on the look out on ebay Im waiting till I see a great deal and I have a bit more cash then I will jump on it. The YMCA and local gym is a good tip. I will try and look into that to. thanks.
go with the flexi roll mats from dollamur, they are great