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Jul 4, 2012
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Marquardt spoke with members of the media prior to UFC 155 about several topics including his expected return to the UFC and winning the Strikeforce welterweight title.

I'm glad to see him back. Nate's a beast of a man. The only problem is if Nate and Rory both succeed in their UFC career at this moment it's gonna set an awkward situation for the camp of Tristar. I think Nate is a full time fighter at Tristar now.

Georges has seniority at Tristar though.
War Nate the great! Lol but seriously I'm glad he's gonna be back
This thread needs a gif of nate ko'ing woodley. Shame that I'm nowhere near my computer.

Nate will be a serious force at WW - would love to see him vs Rory
yeah would love to see this guy back in the ufc
Marquardt vs. Nick Diaz would be fun somewhere down the line. Until then there's plenty of fun match ups for him.
Nate is a professional, saying all the right things. And as long as we are celebrating Nate's finishes via gifs..

vs. Kampmann

vs. Woodley (better angles, slowed down)

vs. Gouveia (Wilson on the receiving end of the famous tekken-combo)

vs Maia

For someone with such an aggresive style of fighting, he really tries to avoid dishing out any unnecessary punishment to his opponents.
Y would he have hard feelings? He fucked up and had to pay for it. Luckily hes a nasty fighter and got himself back in the mix
Nate is one of my favorite fighters... glad to see him back, was pissed when he got canned...