Marilyn Manson

I was in middle school, up until 8th grade. Then I got introduced to real metal :cool:. Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Darkthrone, Exodus, Sepultura, Behemoth, etc.
I liked portrait of an American family and golden age of grotesque for lifting. Everything else sounds like some weird new wave
He has some hits.
I like his music and the interview he did in bowling for columbine
Not a fan of his music, but he has banged some pretty hot chicks and I liked his response when the media tried to blame him for Columbine.
'Antichrist Superstar' and 'Mechanical Animals' are great albums.

It weird the way his status has changed from persona non grata after Columbine to someone whose music is used on TV adverts.
The person or the music?

No to the person, pretty much no to the music. But he's got a couple of good sounding songs.

He did that Resident Evil music which was cool.
Had a couple decent hits, and the one time I saw him live he was impressive. He just doesn't have the staying power of an Alice Cooper.
When I was 17 I fucked this girl for awhile who was OBSESSED with him. Ridiculously.

Looking back on it, she was pretty damn crazy
His first album is very good though. Dont really like the rest that much though.
Mechanical animals, antichrist superstar, smells like children, portrait of an american family and hollywood were all good albums.

I like him as a person as well, he seems pretty intelligent in the interviews he gives, plus hes a satanist.
was a big fan of his music for a while, haven't kept up with him for several years now tho