making weight


private ryan

i have my first comp on the 5th of november.
im currently weighing in at 90kg at 5,8 without a gi.
i can either go for the 88kg division or the 94kg division.
ive had differing advice.
some people have said to lose the extra bit of weight and others have said fuck it and stay in the category im already in?
any advice would be appreciated.
ok if the weighins are the day of the event stay in the 94kg if they are the day before go into the 88kg
Just lose it. 2kg is nothing for a guy your size.
2kgs is nothing, just skip dinner and breakfast until weigh-ins, and don't drink for 12 hours or so before you weigh in. You won't even have to dehydrate to lose 5 pounds
fuck im eating the day of and maintaining full energy
none of that cutting crap yet...I'm not up to that level and dont know whats to come from my first tournament
Cut. If you're rolling with guys who fight at 94 probably most of them walk around at up to 100. You don't want to go against guys that size.
yeah i guess im gonna have to cut the weight
might try some water tablets
not to sure about the whole skipping meals thing
my diet will just be cleaned up more and i will consume more fluids and just spar every night till the fight day.
knowing my luck i will still put on weight.
2kgs is nothing, I lost three by not eating breakfast and not drinking on the morning of the weigh-in, could have still fought in the condition i was in then but i turned up as early as possible so i had 2and a half hours to grab a samdwich and a drink and felt great for the fight.