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maintaining decent form in press ups (push ups)



Anyone got any tips to retain decent from in push ups..... seems i keep breaking decent form and not getting full benefit from my press ups...

any tips to have better form.
You're breaking form because of fatigue right?
What the hell?

How can you fuck up a pushup?
Keep you back straight, concentrate on you chest, and for god's sake get off your fuckin knees!!!
If you have weak abs or a lot of weight around your middle (the two often go together), it can screw up your form something awful.

It is also possible that you are unable to maintain form due to a simple lack of strength. If you are just starting out with the push-up, do it off your knees. Or do pushups against the edge of a counter-top with your feet out behind you so that your body is 45 degrees to the floor. That's some SERIOUS beginner stuff right there, but everyone starts someplace.
your feet and hands should be in the same place throughout the entire set.....if your first one is good and you keep your back straight the last will be good too
Pretend there is a steel rod running down your spine. Keep in mind that steel doesn't bend at the puny stresses the pushup places on you.
Palms shoulder width apart.
Butt down.
Eyes forward.
Suck in the gut.
Press chest to floor and back up for more.
Ladies and weaklings go to their knees.
No Brain= No pain!