Looks like Marcelo has a case of the Mondays

That video would be awesome if I had an MGinAction account.
Yeah, I'm feelin that. Maybe I'll try and turn it up a little today, see what happens.
from the 1st couple of minutes it just looks like the first 2 guys he rolls with are getting ready for fights and are being 'sharktanked' so marcelo put the pace on em haha not necessarily mad or anything
He drove them from their lands, heard the lamentations of their women edit: I actually showed this video to my friend who doesn't get grappling at all and he was like "I dont understand what I'm seeing but holy shit it seems like he's kicking ass"
It was awesome to see the armbar setup that Marcelo recently taught on Rolled Up:

i want to see this so bad. how much do yall pay for an MG account?
One of the best grappling videos I have ever seen. I love grumpy Marcelo.
i want to see this so bad. how much do yall pay for an MG account?

It's $25 per month or $250 per year, I believe. Like I said, if this video is all you want to see and you've used up your free views, just sign up using someone's free trial link (mine is above) and then cancel it right away.
Wow! He was tapping out guys even faster than I (white belt) get tapped out by purples and above.
I've been working that armbar for a few weeks and it's finally coming together. He was in total beast mode!

DON'T FORGET there is a slow motion button between the play and stop buttons, I like watching the action slowed down.
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Man, watching MG train with that kind of intensity is comparable to watching Michelangelo work on a beautiful painting. Truly an artist. There are very few people in this world that can be that creative, and quick thinking mentally, and also very few that possess that kind of coordination, body control, strength, flexibility, etc. He's got both, with awesome discipline, dedication, and humility to boot. An iconic figure in the grappling world.
i felt bad for that blue belt, but that dude with the red sleeved koral rashy has got a sick guillotine.