Looking for good weight training workout


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Oct 2, 2012
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I'm looking for a good weight training workout split that I will do 5 days a week. I train on my heavy bag for 10 rounds about 4 days a week and want a good workout with weights to help with that type of training. I've been lifting for a long time(years), fairly new to heavy bag training and just want to know what is best workouts if I'm training MT/Boxing also.
^ it's the three threads on the very top of the first page of the S&C subforum, and directly bellow the button you clicked to start a new thread.
Ahh the beloved Stickies.
To be honest it's a bit overwhelming the first time you read them, so much information!
Good luck buddy.
After you have read them and decide on a program to run, i must encourage you to create a log in that sub-forum.

I train MMA 1-2x per week and lift 3. Check out my log if you want(link in my sig)
A thread that was resolved in 7 posts in the S&C. With no rebuttals. Wow