legal steroids

OU-BOXER said:
I dont know the rule's on talking about steroids in here because im new, but i just visted a legal steroids website that is advertised on sherdog. They sounded pretty much like the real thing even talking about some side effects. I was wondering if anyone has tried these and if they work. I was thinking of maybe taking them down the line as a boost for training before a big fight or tournament. any thoughts or comments would be apperciated. Im still not sure if i'd ever what to go to that level of supplementation.

They're bullshit. Prohormones are illegal, now, too. There's nothing out there truly anabolic (that I know of....I have a friend who works at the famous bodybuilding shop in Manhattan, Eva's, and he's looking into a new product right now that he says look legit, so far).

If you're going to do steroids do steroids. Otherwise, you're wasting your money.
Thanks, ill stick with creatine and protein powder one of the things just looked like expensive NO2 stuff anyways
superdrol and oxo (or something similar) those are legal