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Leg and Lower Body Stetches for Higher Kicks


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Jun 8, 2008
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Can anyone recommend any stretches that will allow for higher round kicks?? I have been doing a few extended leg and butterfly stretches on the ground. I have also been doing a standing/ bent over spreading leg stretch recommended by Bas. Are there any others you guys(or girls) recommend???
Do some dynamic stretches every morning too. Leg swings side to side and front to back and also axe kicks, inwards and outwards.

Also look into PNF stretches.
The most common problem limiting high kicks is usually form , i'm not overly flexible, hell my version of the splits looks like i'm setting up for a long snap at best but i can kick people taller then me in the head.

I'v seen alot of TKD guys just practice kicks holding a chair to improve their high kick form.

Flexibility won't hurt, and it will be good to do regardless but it may be more important to find out what is causing you the problem
I do dynamic stretching, but it always hurts the next day after. What do you guys usually do for a warmup before stretching, cause either im over stretching or just not warming up enough.
Sounds like you may be doing it to forcefully, which is called ballistic stretching.

Dynamic stretches should never hurt as they are done in a controlled motion and you don't force the limb to go too far.
Technique. When I first started training I did lots of stretching and my flexibility was good but I couldnt kick high anyway, now I dont even really stretch only a little bit at the end to prevent soreness, my flexibility has gone down but I can kick higher than before.
one I do is lay on your back, swing your leg back like a leg lift and hold your leg. Keep your leg straight or it doesnt work. Always warm up a little before stretching.
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Limber 11 is a good lower body stretching routine.
Make sure you warm up first. Do dynamic stretches as well and practice the kicks, as others have said.


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