Lanky fighters unite!!


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Dec 21, 2001
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I know you guys are out there. Name two of your best attribute and something you need to work on.

I'll start.

1. I can piss most people off with my long reach and speed.
2. I can knee like it was going out of style.

1. I need to work on my sprawl.
Can't lankys and stockys just get a long? As I am stocky, I will keep a close eye on this thread.
I'm short. the only thing I can do is hope the lanky fighter underestimate me cuz of his reach advantage. it feels like reach benefits more in striking sports than short/buffness does in grappling.
Lanky fighter reporting for duty, sir!

Best attributes:
1) reach (duh).
2) I'm dense. People always think I'm lighter than I am by looking at me.
3) my sprawl is beastly

Improvement necessary:
1) I don't throw combos well
2) My ground game is garbage
I need to work on my sprawl vs little people. My ground is well rounded. Triangles are my fav.
1. have tons of reach on people
2. using my legs for submission holds is incredibly easy


1. my shot needs work
Whazzup, my lanky bruthas!

Haven't sparred in quite awhile...but once upon a time:

-I could keep most guys at bay if I wanted, especially helpful against bigger guys (not to many guys taller than me, but many bulkier)
-What I lacked in lightening speed I tended to make up with technical ability and instinct.

-Small, really fast guys (i.e. your average decent Korean) were the bane of my existence. Even though I was good and creating distance and using evasive footwork, a good small fighter who could get inside my optimal range and bulldog me was always a problem.
haha great thread... Add me to the lanky crew @ about 6 ft tall and only 130lbs

Best attributes:
1. I'm obviously taller and not as thin as you'd expect, so most people would think I weigh more... I had to get on the scale like 3 times at my last competition they couldnt believe how light I was
2. Reach of course
3. Good ground game for my level of experience

1. Stand-up game is questionable, I've been putting a lot of work into it lately but havent had money/time to make it to the gym so I havent had anyone to spar with
2. Cardio Cardio Cardio

1) I worked hard to get a hard, fast jab with perfect range and timing

2) In the clinch I can dominate because I can set all my weight on the other guys shoulders

3) Highkick is fast and strong


1) right hand technics need work

2) combos need work

BTW, I dont underestimate the stocky guys anymore, I used to, but Ive gotten smothered and smacked enough times to know better now.
In my opinion the lanky strikers game depends largely on his jab.
The jab is definitely a much more effective tool for the longer guy. A good jab coupled with good footwork makes it very easy for the taller fighter to control the fight.

Since this is the thred for united lanksters, what do you find is the best tool for dealing with shorter, stockier fighters? I'm talking in straight standup fights or MMA.

Thai clinch with knees to the head is the technique of choice for me.
Since this is the thred for united lanksters, what do you find is the best tool for dealing with shorter, stockier fighters? I'm talking in straight standup fights or MMA.

Clinch, just put all your weight on him.
I'm lanky, and the reach advantage is a great thing, if you know how to use it.
Damn I hate you guys... The only way to deal with lanky guys is to bully them.
Lanky boxers are a fucking nightmare for me.
It's good to know I have a psychological advantage over the shorter guys in addition to the reach 8P.
another pro is taller strikers dont' get as tired b/c when in their optimal range, they are under less pressure/danger

good punches and kicks

need to work on my sprawl and fighting out of shorter fighters range
Stocky guy here. I usually try to slip past the jab to get inside and beat them in close quarters like Mike Tyson. I however have been slowed down then tall guys who come with pressure and try to move me back with straight kicks, crosses and flurry's. Also hard leg kicks will make me think twice about closing that distance. Btw i have a suprise for you flying knee mother fuckers! Quarter step away with my back leg then level you with my roundhouse.

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