Kyoji Horiguchi possible for UFC Japan!!!!

let me bang bro**

Dec 23, 2012
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That would be amazing!!!!! It also says that Rin Nakai is possible. I am not a fan of wmma so I'm not familiar with her. Is she a good addition?

Just so everyone knows last week Jason Coles said that Mizuto Hirota is fighting on UFC Japan and he said Jordan Mein is fighting on UFC 158 so he is a reliable source.
I thought Rin Nakai was taking a break from MMA
Wow amazing might be too soon but choi and horiguchi are the future of jmma
is she any good? I say that she's undefeated but the level of competition seems low. would she be a threat to Rousey?

Hell yeah but I want Choi to get signed.
He would definitely be a solid addition to the card.
I would let Rin Nakai put my peepee in any number of painful holds.
Is there any video of Horiguchi/Loveland out there yet?
i agree 100% I'm just asking if Rin would be the girl to beat her

To be honest I'm not that familiar with her, or many women mma fighters. But I do know one thing. Rhonda has huge holes in her game and is a one trick pony. It doesn't show much in womens mma because of the competition...

But there are many women grapplers who can best her on the mat and she can't strike worth sh1t. Not to mention she blinks and closes her eyes when someone throws a punch at her. At some point, these things could be a problem...