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Jul 5, 2002
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Anyone know of any Kung Fu studios in the Seattle, Washington area? I have some friends that want to get involved, but they want to make sure it is the right studio. Any input, positive, is appreciated. Thanks
I hope they not gonna base their MMA career on kung fu????? very bad for "real" fighting. A guy would get killed standing in the horse stance or sum shit like that. I know kung fu relies on weapons alot too. I have a friend who is a black belt in Kung Fu, and he told me himself that they dont train for groundfighting.
But he still wonders why it isnt any kung fu guys in MMA now.
no he does not plan on basing his mma career on this, but he wants to learn more with weapons and stuff like that. he does pankration right now, but he wants to mix it up.
He wonders why there arent any Kung Fu guys in MMA now??? Thats hilarious.
kung fu = no ground skill
MMA = many fights to the ground

kung fu fighter in MMA = submitted
Unless your too old, and just want to enjoy kung fu for the forms, and spirituality of it...don't bother with it. It's not going to teach you anything about fighting, other than breathing, balance, and concentration...and if that's all you're looking for, go with Tai chi.
there was that one early UFC fight i dont remember the kung fu fighters name but i do remember hi getting lots of elbows in the face after about 10 seconds of the first round.
I have a clip of two guys fighting with KF styles. Its hilarious! They are "masters" and they look like they are throwing girly haymakers. They are super shitty. Entertaining as hell. You can get it on McDojo.com Worth the download. Hilarious. Proves again that forms are nothin but flash.
remember the game pitfighter? didn't you guys use the TKD guy? the dude with the butterfly kick..he rocks, just like TKD
Originally posted by Bishop
remember the game pitfighter? didn't you guys use the TKD guy? the dude with the butterfly kick..he rocks, just like TKD

I have a video clip from 1954 with two kung fu masters fighting bare fisted..........one was a fifty year old tai chi master and the other was a white krane practioner.

I must say , It was the most pleasing and most entertaining clip i've ever seen............they was just flailing away as if though they were in a tough man competition. I got it from mma.tv .......its pretty good stuff...........to watch........
Yeah!! Thats the one!! Fuckin' hilarious to see the "masters" fight.
My friends train under one of the guys that use to be on the bejing (sorry, i can't spell) wushu team. they have them do crazy shit. they spar with nothing but fingerless gloves and crazy training. i know theres no ground work but he teaches a bit mroe then kung fu. Its the only kung fu school i know of that acually teaches good fighting. Like for sparring and for real life situations (same thing the army does). bottom line. good shit. but manybe not to good for MMA
Some parts of Kung Fu aren't bad. But you have to mix certain techniques of basicly all forms of Kung Fu and spar full contact to get something useful.
just supports my belief that kung-fu, karate, TKD,aikido etc, etc etc.... All completely useless.