Krav Maga


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Jan 8, 2006
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How affective is it for striking, grappling, all around?

thanks for the help
I dont think Krav maga has any grappling involved. It is basically just street defense.
There are grappling techniques in KM. KM takes the best of MA and incorporates it into an easy to learn and use system. Good schools will also include groundwork and grappling to round out your arsenal.
Krav Maga has effective striking techniques and grappling as well, but are based on killing the oponent, looking for his vital spots
Krav Maga is a military type of fighting, basically used in Israel or in countries near it
they teach you how to cick in the nuts and poking eyes and gay stuff like that.
I think it depends on the instructor. The place where I train also does Krav Maga. Theres a BJJ guy who does a ground fighting class once a week, and I'm a wrestler so I teach a takedown defense class every couple of weeks.
The grappling is more of a Chuck Liddel style grappling; prevent takedowns, avoid submissions, and get on your feet so you're not getting stomped.