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Knne and Elbow conditioning


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Nov 9, 2005
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I was wondering how to go about conditioning the knees and elbows more so the knees because elbows u can just hit bags untill they are tough enough I guess u can do the same for knees but they just seem like they would need something extra.

Elbows you only supposed to slice with, and the opponents skin will give before your elbows.
Knees...I'm not sure on this one....do you mean like bones density conditioning, correct elignment...skin again?

A lot of it will come through good old pad work and bag work like you surmised. Baring breaking/fracture something through poor technique, I don't see any damage that could be done that wouldn't take till after a fight is over to manifest itself. Its like thigh conditioning, you don't really need it when you fight, its after and your recovery that any conditioning will make a impact on
No one likes a knee injury, ever. Dealing with injuries after the fact is not the way to handle it.

As far as strengthening, I have no idea. Stretching so the tendons and such are more flexible and capable of sustaining the impacts.
Do you really need to condition them? As said before whatever you hit with them is gonna be softer then them anyway.
Well after you hit with ur knee sometimes it will swell up if u hit too hard with them. and if that happens in a fight then ur screwed and an elbow is a bone after all and can be broken if you are blocking with it or hit the wrong spot like if it gets blocked or something