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Knee pops out of place


Aug 30, 2005
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My right knee sometimes pops to the outside. It strains all the ligaments and muscle in that area. I only happens on occasion, and I can't walk until it pops back. Afterwards, it is sore to walk and to the touch, and really pains me being on my knees for BJJ. I am not sure what the problem is, but I have had it since I was like 14.

Are there are braces that would help keep my knee in place, but be comfortable enough to roll in?
try a normal knee pad and use stips of silk tape to serve as braces. Not every knee works the same and not every injury is the same ... try to find out what position you need support and tape it. I have also used duct tape (100 mile hour tape).
sounds like you need to get checked out and look into physcial therapy.

why is it popping out? acl injury? history of bad joints? ligamentus laxus?

i've known a lot of big guys who are so solid, their weight kills their knees and it's not because they have weak legs or anything. so, i see them wear leg braces with metal but judo and bjj competitions do not allow any metal what so ever, from what i've seen.
stfu about tape. I had that happen to me last wrestling season. I kept on wrestling on it, with the knowledge of my coach, and really fucked it up by the end of leagues. Its Called your ACL! It is either torned, partially torned, or fucking strained really bad. IMO go to an orthapedist ASAP, get an mri. Dont fuck around with your knee, you can end up paying for it for the rest of your life.
If it pops to the outside it could be your ACL, PCL, or LCL. Yeah Id get that checked like right now.
My joints pop all the time. It usually doesn't hurt, and I think it is normal enough.

However, if your knee is popping to the point that you can't even walk until it pops backs, that is bad. It sounds like this causing severe pain. You should probably see a therapist since it is affecting your training.
The popping sound isnt bad, thats normal but the way he described it wiht the pain and such it sonds like it is dislocating everytime it pops.
Yes, it feels like a dislocation. It usually pops back in within 30 seconds or so. I can walk on it after that, but it is still sore, 12 hours later...
depending on your health insurance youll need to go see an orthopod. Although at times a pediatrist can help with the knee you really want to find a good knee specialist. if you have had subluxed patellar displacement since you were 14 I would thing that this is not a huge defect that will need invasive procedures (orthoscopic knee surgury) but go to the doc to make sure.

I know with my crappy HMO I had to go to a family practice doc ( read copay 15 dolla) then get a referil to an orthopod (read another 15 dolla) so I could get signed up for a physical therapist (read 15 dolla each visit for 2 months.)

Good luck and make sure to explain to the Dr. what BJJ is and how we start from our knees. This presents a very different problem from the general population.
Well, I am sure someone else has had this problem. Mainly, I was asking what kind of brace I could get that would still allow me to do BJJ. I have PPO, so basically, I can go to any doctor I want for a $20 co-pay. I will call my insurance company just to make sure.
I would think a metal knee brace would be sufficient for BJJ; however, for competitions you would probably have to wear a neoprene brace like Jorge Gurgel had.
I've had a nagging knee injury and my knee pops quite often. The discomfort goes away though when I give it about 2 weeks rest but thats the hardest thing! Its so damn hard to stay off the mats!

Dont mean to hijack the thread or anything but damn, its hard to believe Jorge Gurgel fought with no ACL! That man has huge heart!
I bought a cheap rubber brace at Walmart. It seems to help.
This set me wondering.. can u strengthen your ACL if u still have them? Muscles will grow and strengthen if you tax them, but Ligaments are waxy rubbery stuff which seem 2 me may weaken instead of strengthen when taxed.
First off, be wary of any advice you get from the internet, including mine. I have a bad knee and I've been rolling for about 7 months. I've tried a few different braces now.

When I play ice hockey I wear something like this. It has a hinge on the side and metal support. Aside from a custom made plastic brace this is about as good as it gets. Mine cost about $70 but I consider it to be worth it.


I do worry that I could hurt somebody with the metal hinge on the side so when I roll in BJJ I wear something like this. They make really non-obtusive petalla braces but if I was you I'd seek out a doctor for advice. My area has several guys that specialize in sports medicine. I like to go to them for stuff like this because they see sports injuries all the time and they are able to give me advice that better suits the mindset of an athelete. My family doctor love to rest everything for 8 weeks. A sports doctor would only recommend something as drastic as that if it was really neeeded.

I worry that your current "cheap kneebrace" isn't good enough. Also, it sounds like you might be young and not used to setting up your own medical care. It's time to get good. Find an ortho or a sports medicine doctor and set up an appointment. Often times your insurance company can help you find somebody.

Braces??! See a doctor!!! There are ways to stabilize the knee by strengthening the tighmuscles, taping or wearing supports, but if the knee pops out, there's something wrong. Taping and braces/supports don't mechanicaly stabilze the knee very much, maybe just a little or not at all depending from the type, this stuff enhences the proprioceptorics that makes you feel more confortable and stable. The longer you walk around with it the more you damage your joint. See a doc asap.
This is the one I have:


It allows me to crouch (which I couldn't do for 2 days), and doesn't hinder my flexiblity. Granted, I can't slap a triangle on someone, but it doesn't hurt and should keep my knee in place for now. I will go to the doctor when I get some free time.
Bit of an update:

I took a week off and my knee feels about 80%. I am going to wear the brace tonight in my Muay Thai and No Gi class, and see how it holds up.