Knee gave out today


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Jan 28, 2008
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OK guys basically Ive been trying to get back into the swing of long distance running, (i want to run a mini marathon) and i went hard for my first week, about 12 miles in all over the week with one day of 100 yard dash sprint up hill.Every time i get home and relax the outside of my knee acts up, really sore on the left side of my knee (left leg). Needless to say stares were a bitch all week mostly going down them. it was still sore on my day off but the day after i could run on it no problem, but when i finished it would come back. So today a was around mile 3.5 at a really good pace and my knee was feeling a little weak but my condition with everything else was great. i wanted to push for more but going up a small hill my knee gave out, almost like a dead leg (like some one kicked me right behind my knee. i do it to people all the time as a joke.) But that bitch collapsed and i popped right back up and kept going but i could feel it getting weaker with each stride. so i walked back home with no pain. I have had this pain from jump rope before. i need to know how to prevent this because the groove I'm in is really good and i cant afford to take it down a notch.
see your doctor, sounds like tendonitis but please don't go by my diagnosis, I'm not a doctor, don't play one on tv and I didn't stay at a holiday inn last night. Only someone that has had previous knee problems. Doctor will probably evaluate with an exam, x-rays and possibly MRI. Then he will probably recommend you do some physical therapy specific for the knees and legs. I'm sure if you do a google search you can get a list of these exercises, but again you really should go to a doctor first and go through the motions.

Also might want to consider using the search function. I have probably written responses on at least three knee related topics in the past 72 hours.