KJ's super sexy training log (strength, muay thai)


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Apr 14, 2006
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Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Weight: Starting - 158 Current - 161

- Just started reading through everyone's logs, so I figured it could also help motivate myself. My lifts below are based on the 5X5 system and thats how I will go about updating them.
- My body weight and lifts have been pretty stagnant for awhile now, so I really want to make a few improvements which I hope will help in my muay thai class.
- My goals are to increase body weight by about 10-15 pounds and improve overall strength (listed below).
- Please offer any suggestions or improvements if you have any.

Initial Lifts [3-24-08]
Bench: 185
Squat: 135
Pull-ups: bodyweight, bodyweight + 25 pounds on final set
Dead Lifts: 205
Shoulder Press: 130

Current Lifts [4-10-08]
Body Weight: 161
Bench: - 205
Squat: - 175
Pull-ups: - bw, 171, 181, 181, 186
Dead Lifts: - 230
Shoulder Press: 140

Goals for 2008
Body Weight: 165-170
Bench: 205 goal met on [4-10-08]
Squat: 225
Pull-ups: bodyweight + 25 pounds for 5 sets
Dead Lifts: 255 goal met on [5-12-08], new goal = 280
Shoulder Press: 150

My gym schedule looks like this
Day 1: Bench, Squats, Dips, Dumbbell lunges
Day 2: Shoulder Press, Upright rows, lateral raises
Day 3: Pull-ups, deadlifts, rows
Day 4: Cardio or an extra day of rest if i'm lazy
*I usually work on my flexibility/core work at the end of my workouts.

My diet is pretty consistent, i try to get about 180 grams of protein, and follow the 7 rules
- Protien Source: Tuna, Chicken, Salmon, Almonds, Chocolate Milk, Whey, MuscleMilk, Cottage cheese, Eggs.
- Carbs: Vegetables or fruit with every meal, oatmeal, whole grain bread.
- Supplements: Multi Vitamin, Fish Oil

UPDATE: [4-8-08]
Added 20 pounds to bench press which means I passed my goal of 200 and hit 205 for 3 reps. I'm not going to set another goal yet until I can get about 5. Dropped a half pound in bodyweight.
haha sadly yes, I started going to the gym at an early age, so obviously I neglected legs until recently. So I hope to change that
Where's the training?

I'm trying to keep my updates in my first post.. with my beginning, initial, and goal weight and a daily update. I just think its easier for others to read and keep track
Sounds alright. I guess I am just used to seeing separate entries for training days. Whatever works for you though. I think you are the first person to do it.