Khan splits with trainer


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Mar 10, 2006
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Khan has split with his trainer Oliver Harrison.

Although I think Harrison has done a good job moving Khan along, I agree it
I just heard on the radio that Warren will announce in the next week Roger Mayweather will be the new trainer of Amir Khan
Any of those trainers you named would be better in the long run for Khan.
Does that mean Amir will be moving to my neck of the woods?
i hope it's Freddie Roach but he might be too expense for greedy warren

mayweather would be interesting
I haven't seen a whole lot of Khan, but it seemed his defense wasn't up to par with his offense. Roger should be able to fix that.
Shame if it is Mayweather, I'd prefer Roach. But glad that he's moved on as he's clearly outgrown Oliver Harrison.
At least it sounds like he's not cutting corners and going after trainers will help him improve.
Well if they go with Roger, I'm damn sure happier with that than Buddy McGirt.

Don't know why they'd pass up on Roach though. It can't be the expense because he was training Alex Arthur for awhile.
I saw khan in vegas last week. I thought he was just coming over to see calzaghe but I guess he was also meeting a new trainer.
Just stay away from McGirt!


^^ Oh, fvck...
I like the move for Kahn. I never really liked him at the start of his career fighting cans but thats the way everyone starts off I guess it's just all his can fights were televised so it anoyed me.
Since he moved on to better competition I have found myself cheering for him and am glad he decided this! Like the common thing in this thread is
Shit pressed enter too soon, The common thing is I believe he should go with Mayweather or Roach opposed to McGirt.
Any of those two can help him develop into a world class talent!
I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the trainers - whats with all the McGirt hate?

Bad track record or just a wrong style matchup?
In brief: McGirt is a very defence minded trainer, and Amir is a very offence minded fighter.

Not a good combination. Where as Roach has had alot of success with both, Pac and Toney being good examples.
That makes sense, thanks.

I suppose the reasoning could be that if Kahn's defence is a little suspect, a defensive trainer could help with that part of his game - although I'd agree that forcing a fighter to train in a way that goes against his natural style is a bad idea

Kind of like making Lennox get inside to throw short punches!