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Jul 31, 2005
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hey everyone i am making this thread to ask someone who knows more about this than me. Is a kettleball better than a dumbell? if so what makes it better an wher the heck can i get one!! thanks
make one and try it out for under fifty bucks I made one out of black pipe (steel non-galvanized pipe)


Mine's a thick handled one cause I wanted it for grip training, but you could use a 1" pipe intsead of the 2" one I did. I wouldn't buy them though, they cost a fortune and there are better investments to be made first (power rack, plate loaded barbell, bench, set of dumbells, shitload of plates, thickbar, dip station, dipping belt, sled, tire, farmer's walk bars, etc.). They're fun for conditioning sometimes though. I do swing and catches with mine.

They differ quite a bit for DB's I've found, especially when you get into olympic movements. A bit more athleticism and quickness is involved in getting underneath the KB when compared to a db. and there's some hooha about it continuing to stress the muscles at the top of the concentric portion of presses and curls and such, but really I don't see it enough to justify the cost.

For the most part, they're a lot of hype and only good as an addition to an already pretty complete gym.
Fight_Song said:
god damn. that's man metal.

Yes, yes it is!

Hey Urban, what did you have on the weight side of that assembly? 1/2" pipe? 10-12" long? Looks like you did. And you used black iron for all of it? Did you use the common weights found at Wal Mart and such that would slip over the 1/2" NPT? Just curious. I have a weight vest that uses the same weights. Looks like 1/2" NPT on the weight side. I've seen a couple of you guys use two inch stuff for grip. Is that just personal preference or required? I'm sure us smaller guys can take a smaller grip? I am contemplating a similar model based on previous ideas from yourself and others. Comments on where to start for a smaller guy(195lbs)? Thanks.
Here's the deal, all metal pipe is measured based on the interior diameter (diameter of the hole, or largest sized ball that can fit through the pipe). As such the wall of the pipe itself makes it wider for the purposes I use it for. 3/4 inch black or galvanized pipe fits all my 1" standard plates (ecept one 5lb plate) perfectly. So that's what I used for the loading pin part of the KB.

As far as the plates I used, they're 1" standard and I just sort of collected them over the years. I've never seen 1/2" plates, but I wouldn't put it past wallmart to come up with that garbage. Measure the hole and see what you have. length of the loading pin? I have several and I change them out based on what I'm loading the KB up to. you have to to keep the plates relatively tight and motionless, of course, you could avoid this by using a collar.

As far as your size, HA! I weigh 190. To be fair, the only reason I used a 2" handle (which is bigger than 2" due to reasons already discussed) was because the whole reason I made the fucker was that I read about KB training in "mastery of handstrength" by john brookfield, specifically for grip training. And personally I think it makes any accomplished with this KB MUCH manlier than on regular 1" handles.

Am I to understand you've never done any thickbar work? are you asking if using a regular bar is ok for grip work? FUCK NO it aint... most of the time. i suppose if you're working to hold a deadlift better, timed holds with a regular bar have an important role.