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Opinion Kaitlin Clark accused of having "white" and "pretty" privilege

Lol she literally broke records in college and was hitting shots a la steph curry - has nothing to do with race. Show me a girl of any other race doing that and there will be a conversation.. she is literally 1 of 1 in the womens game.
She can only make three's because she can't dunk 🌆 <seedat>
Outrage porn

Most people are at work and not watching that show.

So, their business model is to say someing that will be "viral".

Since hate gets more clicks than love, you get our current cultural zeitgeist
So, I watched some of the video, and I have some thoughts. On a show like that the panel are expected to say things that are argumentative--whether they're sincere or not. That's the point of the show. Someone has to take a disagreeable position in order for someone else to disagree with it.

Funny how the OP never mentions (at about 2:10 in the video) how another panelist, Whoopi Goldberg, attacked those comments with her own, far more sensible ones. Nah... that doesn't support the narrative TS was trying to create.

LOL @ this fucking place; half the membership can't say a fucking thing without being disingenuous about it.

And no, she's not attractive, and being practically transparent doesn't do her popularity any favors either, I'm sure.
Its funny that I can read this comment and know everything about who you are politically.
I don’t know about most of your questions.

But I would like to discuss appeal.

Of course she’s not a stunning beauty. But to guys who are into that league, she becomes the ultimate woman.

There are so many WMMA fighters that were average looking or less, but guys on Sherdog acted like they were raving beauties.
Sorry fellas, but prime dolled up versions of Gina Carano, Meisha Tate, Michelle Waterson, and other female fighters wouldn’t even get a 2nd glance on a trendy street in NY or LA. Those girls are only hot to MMA fans.
- I just told my dad about this post. And he told me you're gayer than me!
Professional jealousy is nothing new. The NBA players were pissed at how much press Jordan was getting as a rookie so they conspired to have him play defense on George Gervin at the all star game. Because Gervin was so good offensively they thought he would score on him.

During Lebron's rookie year the other players on his team were reported to be pissed or maybe resentful of all the hype.

Clark Is like the highest scoring player in NCAA history I believe and her game is incredible. She plays like Steph Curry after four years of pro ball. Beautiful to watch.

Now I don't blame the proven WNBA players for being a little jealous but really they should be keeping their mouths shut. Clark is going to bring a lot of money and people into the league and they will all benefit.
Lol. Good to see that other thread was wastelanded and another can took over the duties to try and make one that isn't hot garbage.

Clark deserves whatever she gets. Now get off social media and ignore the 24 hour news cycles, whether it's sports or more general.
Its funny that I can read this comment and know everything about who you are politically.
It's funny that it looks like you started this account just to post in the WR, almost like you've been here before or something.

Outrage porn

Most people are at work and not watching that show.

So, their business model is to say someing that will be "viral".

Since hate gets more clicks than love, you get our current cultural zeitgeist
I believe that's pretty much exactly what I said :)
I believe that's pretty much exactly what I said :)
Thumbs up emoji.

To fight back against the outrage porn, I'm going to discuss some benign happy news:

A few weeks ago, my garden was being demolished by slugs. I even talked about it here (albeit in Mayberry).

Rather than using a pesticide, I transplanted some chives within my leafy greens. It kept the slugs away. The arugula in my breakfast sandwich this morning was a great addition.

Yay for chives!

Anyways, have a wonderful weekend Capp.
You might be asking yourself, who the fuck is Kaitlin Clark, and I can't blame you, I mean who the fuck cares about women's basketball?

Certainly not me, but apparently the WNBA viewership is up 21% since Clark joined the league.

You would think that she would be a hero to all the girl power lefties as well as all the poc's for bringing more attention to the league, but no on the contrary she has received a lot of hate from these very same people you would think would be her allies.

Apparently her being white is a big problem, and people being more interested in WNBA now that the top player is a white girl is now very problematic.

Here is one of the hens from "the view" claiming that Clark is popular because... wait for it... RACISM.

You'll notice she tries to throw in "pretty" and "tall" privilege in there as well to try to divert from the fact that her only real problem with Clark is that she's white and that she also has the audacity to be straight while being white.

The "tall privilege" makes no sense since Clark is just 6' tall which is very average for the league, and the pretty privilege makes no sense either because this is what Clark looks like.


Not to put her down, but she's like a 5/10 and average at best with very little feminine curves to add to her sex appeal... just an average to sub-par looking white girl who's the average height in the league. It's very obvious that all her popularity was earned by nothing but merit and ability to play the sport.

So yeah that just leaves us with her being WHITE and STRAIGHT, that is her only real crime.

Anyway, it's not like anyone expects anything intelligent from the view, I imagine that even the most devoted lefties here won't care to defend that group of vile hens, but it's still pretty blatant how acceptable racism against white people has become.

Just imagine some white guy 15 years ago complaining that black people are only starting to follow golf because Tiger Woods is black.

Even if both of these cases were true, even if white people are only tuning in because the best player is white, and black people only tuned in because the best player was black, why would this be a problem for anyone, and what would they like to be done about it?

Just trying to grasp the average woke idiot's logic, why is this a problem and what should we do about it??

She isn't hot at all. Her white privilege failed her