Just started training BJJ and have a bit of a noob question...


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Sep 5, 2007
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Hi guys,

Bit of a simple one for my first post in the grappling forum but here goes...

I've only been training no gi BJJ for a bout a month and i've suffered my first (and pretty basic :icon_cry2 ) injury and i wanted to ask more experianced grappler's their opinion's if i should train on it or leave it to heal fully first,

while rolling i've taken all of the skin off my knees and while it doesn't hurt too much my knees have scabbed over and the scab's are spliting when i'm running and doing my cardio so the i'm pretty sure my knees will split if i'm in top position so the question is do it train on it or leave it a week or so untill i have full mobility again,

i've now bought knee pads so it won't happen again but i'm interested in what your advice /experiances are??

That's normal. You will probably lose the skin on the tops of your feet too. They scab and re-scab over and eventually toughen up where it's not a problem anymore.
That's normal. You will probably lose the skin on the tops of your feet too. They scab and re-scab over and eventually toughen up where it's not a problem anymore.

Thanks for the feedback ben. so your saying just train through it and they will just toughen in naturally unitil its on an issue?
If you do decide to train before your knees heal, please, please, PLEASE cover the scabs 100%. First, no one wants your blood on them, or the mat. Second, you don't want whatever else is on the mat inside you.
Your knees will turn into like a big callus, I can roll on my knees all day without any problem now,
Yeah, your skin will toughen up. No reason to sit out. I say wear gi pants while training no gi. It will cover your legs from bleeding on others and ringworm, etc.
Expect to have no hair on your knees soon too.....
i would assume you're training no gi. u'll be fine. mat burn sucks, but your skin toughen. that shit lasts for weeks though, i get matburn for like 2-3 week minimums

but yeah, tape it up, cover, whatever. keep rollin fer sure
Thanks for all the advice guys, the matt burn is a bummer but i think i've learn't my lesson as to wearing some padding on my knee's so hopefully that should be the end of it :icon_chee

on a side note i'm really enjoying the training, as you guys probably know the standard of grappling in europe is fairly low, but i'm lucky enough to be based in liverpool england where the wolfslair mma acadamy ( the top mma gym in the UK ) is and they have a strong brazilian contingant with quite a few blackbelts fighting out of the gym (and training at different gym's in the area) so i've lucked out buy going to a school near by and getting a great instructor and a graet bunch of training partners.

at the moment my conditioning is holding me back a little but thats nothing a little hard work won't sort out!

again thanks for the advice i'll keep everybody posted as to how progess...
I know it doesn't relate to your question but, just thought I'd advise to train with gi before no gi.
Also, you might get to hurt your shoulders if you spend a lot of time on your back. Wear a rash guard, it helps. A normal t-shirt won't prevent those ugly burns.

edit: Getting your shoulders burnt is a good way to learn how to properly make waist escapes (exits?) (Fuga de kadera?)
You can still continue, but just make sure that you are taking the proper precautions of applying any ointments or washing it regularly to avoid any contact with germs or bacteria, from mats etc...
Scabs will be the least of your injuries/worries in BJJ. How many guys do you think are rolling with minor injuries/tweaks? Shoulder sprains, ankle sprains etc. I am wondering myself? I am I guess you can say in the Masters division of BJJ over 30 and am getting these little injuries the most recent some type of shoulder sprain. My first inclination is to say screw it and go back to training? No biggie or stupid?
i don't really have the option to train with a gi as apart from rodger gracie's acadamy in London ( the other end of the country) i don't think there are any full time bjj schools in england,

most of the class's are eather part of a mma facility and therefore offer no gi or are seperate instructors hireing space in a thai boxing gym ( which there are many) and so a lot of there students would originaly come from stand up fighting with an eye on movcing into mma,

i'm training BJJ and Thai but i'm treating them as two completly different disapline's and i want to compete in both seperatly but not MMA

i've also managed to pick up a rashguard this weekend so hopefully this should help no end with the matt burn